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Pregnancy is a time of great anticipation. As you feel your baby moving and growing inside of your body, you'll likely wonder about how they are developing—when they will begin to hear your voice, when hair will grow on their head, and if they can taste flavors that you eat. But it can also come with anxieties and concerns. Learning about what to expect during your OB/GYN appointments can help you understand how your baby is doing and if they do have a developmental issue, help you prepare to meet their needs.

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How to Move Forward After an Abnormal Ultrasound
pregnant woman looking at her belly
Loud and Clear: What Your Baby Can Hear in Utero
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Facts About Predicting the Sex of Your Baby
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How Babies' Lungs Develop In and Out of the Womb
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How Your Baby Grows in Pregnancy
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What to Look for in Ultrasound Pictures of Your Baby Boy
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BPD Measurements and Your Baby's Fetal Weight
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How Your Newborn's Appearance May Surprise You
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Understanding the Fetal Kick Counts Monitoring System
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Can an Ultrasound Tell You the Size of Your Baby?
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Risks, Causes, and Information on Genetic Disorders in Pregnancy
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Can I Eat Honey While Pregnant?
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Intrauterine Growth Restriction Causes, Prevention, and Risks
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How Big Is My Baby in Pregnancy By Week?
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Is It Possible to Turn a Breech Baby Before Labor?
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Funny Names You Can Call Your Baby Before Birth
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Prenatal Bonding Helps Mothers Spend Time With Baby Before Birth
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Should You Use a Home Doppler Device for Hearing Your Baby's Heartbeat?
Full Term Pregnancy
What Does It Mean to Have a Full-Term Pregnancy?
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What Is Amniocentesis?
Ultrasound Biometry Of The Fetus
CVS: Looking for Fetal Chromosome Disorders and Diseases
Environmental influences on development
Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development
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Signs Ultrasound Technicians Look For to Determine a Baby's Sex
Mother getting prenatal care
Gender Preference for Doctors in Pregnancy
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Why Some Parents Choose Not to Know the Sex of Their Baby Before Birth
Ultrasound Photos to Determine If the Sex of Your Baby Is a Girl
Do You Know How to Tell It's a Girl on an Ultrasound?

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