Young Adults

Your job as a parent doesn't end when your teen becomes a young adult. Learn more about the issues you'll encounter after your child leaves the nest.
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Help! My College Student Is Failing Out
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Friendship 101 for College Freshmen
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How to Combat College Loneliness
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College Safety 101 How to Stay Safe on Campus
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The Transition From College to Adult Life
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Tips for Parenting Your Boomerang Kid
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Navigating Your Teen's First Visit Home From College
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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Relocating Near Your Adult Children
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Celebrations to Legal Implications of When Your Child Turns 18
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How to Create a Rental Contract for Adult Kids Moving Back Home
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What to Know About the Draft When Your Son Turns 18
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5 Best Family Vacation Destinations for Parents With Older Children
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How to Help Your Young Adult Move Out
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How to Help Your Teenager Bounce Back From a College Rejection Letter
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Mascots, Cheers, and Other Traditions for Your College To-Do List
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Staying Connected During the First Year of College
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Ideas for the Perfect College Care Package
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5 Ways the Law Affects Parents of New 18-Year-Olds