Top 5 Wool Diaper Covers

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If you want to have natural fabrics against your baby's skin, then wool is a logical option for cloth diaper covers. It's anti-bacterial, absorbent, breathable and easy to care for—all of which makes it a great choice. Because wool covers can absorb up to 30% of their weight and they allow for air circulation, they are an ideal cover for heavy wetters and babies with sensitive skin.

Proper care of wool covers is critical since urine can damage wool fibers, causing discoloration or holes. You can air-dry the covers between uses if wet, but you must lanolize the covers about once a month with regular use to restore wool's natural water resistant properties. If the cover gets soiled, you can wash it with a gentle olive oil bar soap. Otherwise, they can be used for about 1-2 weeks between washes.

If you're considering wool diaper covers for your baby, you'll need about 3-4 wool covers if you're cloth diapering full-time using wool. Here are some of the top brands to consider:


Woollybottoms Hybrid Soaker



Made from a combination of new and recycled wool, these soakers feature stretchy fabrics that grow with your baby. They can be worn alone but are also trim enough to be worn under clothes as well.

Each cover is handmade, which makes each one unique. The body of the soaker is made from recycled wool, while the trim is made from hand-dyed merino wool interlock. These covers come in 4 sizes designed to fit babies from 7-35 lbs.


Disana Woolen Overpants

Wool diaper covers


Made of soft merino wool, these overpants feature a high knitted waistband that prevents leaks and keeps baby's stomach warm.

The pants come in 8 colors and 5 sizes, designed to fit children from 3 months-3T.

Disana recommends hand washing in water no warmer than 86°F, using a special wool detergent for cleaning, and drying in the sun.


ImseVimse Wool Cover

Inse Vimse diaper covers


Made in Japan of felted 100% merino wool, this wrap cover features hook and loop closures that make it easy to take the diaper on and off for diaper changes. These covers come in 6 sizes designed to fit babies from 7-31 lbs. The larger sizes have snaps to make it more difficult for babies to take the cover off by themselves.

ImseVimse recommends rinsing immediately after soiling, hand washing with ImseVimse Olive Oil Soap or ImseVimse Wool Shampoo and hanging the covers dry for best results. The company also recommends lanolizing once or twice each month with ImseVimse Wool Cure. These covers can be machine washed on a medium setting, but ImseVimse does not recommend using bleach or fabric softeners.


Aristocrats Diaper Cover

Aristocrats wool diaper covers


This pull-on diaper cover is made of double-layered knit wool designed to provide extra absorbency and protection against leaks.

These covers are available in a natural white color in 4 different sizes, although only two sizes are necessary to fit children during the typical diapering period, from 7-35 lbs.


Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Cover

Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Cover
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These double-knit wool covers are made in China from Oeko-Tex certified wool yarns and feature a high rise, so they can cover one-size diapers, prefolds, and all Sustainablebabyish diapers. They are made from 93% wool and 7% lycra, dyed using environmentally friendly dyes, and come in 5 sizes in a wide range of colors.

To care for these diapers, simply hand wash, lanolize and lay flat to dry.

This cover's environmental benefits go beyond the product itself. For every cover purchased, a tree is planted in Southeast Asia through Sustainablebabyish's One Diaper-One Tree Program. The cover's hang tags are also made of recycled cardstock with wildflower seeds embedded in them, so you can plant the tag and grow your own wildflowers. The company is also committed to using wool that is farmed in an ecologically sustainable fashion.

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