Children's Books for Building Confidence

Children's books about building confidence are a great way to help your shy or socially anxious child learn positive behaviors. These books range from general discussions of the value of uniqueness to specific stories of children who learn to speak up. Below is a list of some of the most popular children's books about confidence.


Willow's Whispers

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Willow's Whispers tells the story of a little girl who talks so quietly she is constantly misunderstood or ignored.

One day, Willow discovers that if she talks through a cardboard tube, everyone can hear her.

However, when the tube becomes crumpled at school, she has to dig within herself to find the confidence to speak up ​and realize that she had it in her all along.


Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon

Molly Lou Melon is the story of a little girl with a lot of challenges but who still manages to have confidence in herself.

Molly is blessed with a grandmother who told her to always believe in herself; but when Molly moves away from her grandmother and has to start at a new school, her strength is put to the test.


Louder Lili

If your child is the "quietest" kid in class, she will be able to relate to Louder Lili. She spends her time indoors at recess and lets herself be bossed around by another girl named Cassidy.

Her ability to summon confidence is tested, however, when it is necessary for her to speak up to protect a pet.


I Like Myself

A story about a little girl in grade 2 who really likes herself! If your child is lacking confidence or feels that he looks "differently" than others, this might be the book for you.

Confidence is catching, and the main character is full of love for herself even in light of all the "unusual" characteristics that make her unique.


What I Like About Me

If your child is self-conscious about some physical aspect of herself, What I Like About Me shows how a group of very different children can all be confident in themselves.

Children who are shy or socially anxious sometimes also suffer from worries about how they look or how they are different. Help your child build confidence by showing her that it is okay to be unique.


Only One You

A beautifully illustrated book about how to handle life's challenges; this is one that both your child and you will enjoy. There is a message here for all ages.


You Be You

Once again, author Linda Kranz brings to life a little rockfish named "Adri" as he travels the sea discovering and learning about being different and accepting others.

If your child struggles with feelings of inadequacy or trouble fitting in, You Be You has some valuable lessons and themes about diversity and acceptance.

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