Where to Get the Abortion Pill Online

What you need to know about getting the abortion pill shipped to you

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Over half of all abortions in the U.S. are medication abortions. Though sometimes called "the abortion pill," you actually take two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol, which are FDA-approved to stop early pregnancy through 10 weeks of pregnancy. If taken as prescribed, medical abortions are considered relatively safe. The risk of serious complications including infection, hospitalization, or excessive blood loss is only between 0.01-0.9%, and it is 14 times less likely to result in death than childbirth itself.

As states ban abortion as a result of the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, more and more people have been looking for access to these pills, which can be accessed via telehealth services and discreetly shipped through the mail in most—though not all—states. So, in order to help you avoid scams that could harm you or crisis pregnancy centers that could mislead you, we’ve compiled a list of safe and reputable resources that can prescribe abortion pills.

Where to Get the Abortion Pill Online

Most Helpful : carafem



  • Cost:  $250–$375
  • Availability: 15 states; Washington D.C.
  • Doctors Available: Yes, video conference with a medical provider
  • Discreet shipping: Yes
Why We Chose It 

Carafem has physical locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, and D.C., but its providers can also prescribe at-home abortion pills with discreet one- to three-day shipping to certain states. 

Pros & Cons
  • Shipping is fast and discreet

  • 24/7 phone availability if you have questions

  • Contraception also offered

  • Insurance is not accepted

  • May not be able to make appointment online (will have to call)

  • Not available in trigger states

Carafem was founded in 2013, with the goal to provide clear, compassionate, and non-judgmental abortion care and family planning services. It's part of FemHealth USA and is overseen by a team of reproductive health professionals. The website is quick, easy to navigate, and offers both virtual and in-person appointments designed to fit into a busy schedule. Some carafem providers also offer surgical abortion procedures in clinics. It also offers prescriptions for contraception too, after your abortion.

To get started you’ll fill out a very brief questionnaire including zip code and date of last menstrual period to make sure you’re eligible for care. You will then be directed to make an appointment. Due to increased demand, you may receive a message saying they do not have availability currently, but may be able to squeeze you in or notify you of a cancellation.

To receive the abortion pill from carafem you must have an address in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, or Washington D.C.

The abortion pills will arrive in a plain shipping box with no return address. You can also arrange to have them shipped to one of their physical locations if you are nearby. Carafem includes some extras to make the experience more comfortable, like a heating pad, tea, and mints. 

You’ll be contacted by a medical practitioner in the days after taking the medication. Interpreter services are available, as is a 24/7 on-call provider. If cost is an issue, you may be able to make arrangements for financial assistance.

Stresses Privacy : Aid Access

Aid Access

Aid Access

  • Cost: $105-$150
  • Availability: 22 states; shipping from international pharmacies available for all other states
  • Doctors Available: Yes, doctors and helpdesk available 
  • Discreet shipping: Yes
Why We Chose It 

Aid Access is user-friendly and stresses privacy every step of the way including offering an easy-to-navigate, fully encrypted website to protect its clients. Services are available in 22 states, but you can still receive the abortion pill from an international pharmacy if you don't live in or near an eligible state.

Pros & Cons
  • Abortion pills available for people in all states

  • Process is quick and easy

  • Correspondence is through email and confidential; encrypted website

  • Shipping may be slower if pills are coming from overseas

  • Must live within an hour of a hospital

  • Generic medication shipped from overseas is not FDA vetted

Aid Access was founded in 2018 and provides medical abortions to those who seek it. Started by Dutch physician, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, the initiative consists of a team of doctors, activists, and advocates for abortion rights. Aid Access is also committed to getting pills to people who live in trigger states by utilizing international sources. 

After answering a series of questions, and a brief consultation with a medical practitioner, pills will be sent to you by mail within a few days to the address you provide. However, your address must be in one of the following states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. 

What sets Aid Access apart is that if you’re not in one of those states, the company can arrange for European doctors to provide the prescriptions, which will then be sent from a reputable pharmacy. This process costs $105, but note that it can take one to three weeks for the pills to arrive, which could be prohibitive, especially for people needing an abortion as soon as possible. If cost is an issue, the company says it will work to find a solution. You should also know that you'll be sent a generic form of the abortion pill, which has not been vetted by the FDA.

While people who are currently pregnant are given priority treatment, it may also be possible to obtain the abortion pill through Aid Access as a precautionary measure, so you can have it on hand if and when you need it. The Aid Access website is also a great resource for finding up-to-date scientific research on abortion care, plus user testimonials, and a robust FAQ section including videos.

To access services, you must live within an hour from a hospital, and check a box saying you can cope with your decision and are not being forced into it.

Budget-Friendly : Pills By Post

Pills By Post

Pills By Post

  • Cost: $150
  • Availability: Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, New York
  • Doctors Available: Yes, board-certified physician
  • Discreet shipping: Yes, ships from an FDA-approved U.S. pharmacy in discreet, unmarked packaging
Why We Chose It 

Pills By Post offers affordable medical abortions to five states. The site is user-friendly, secure, available in English or Spanish, and has a HIPAA-compliant intake form.

Pros & Cons 
  • HIPAA-compliant

  • Good value

  • Simple and discreet with a physician consult

  • Not covered by insurance

  • Only serves five states

Pills By Post was started in 2021 by Razel Remen, MD, a family medicine practitioner who is licensed in Colorado, New York, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota (none of which are trigger states); services are only available to people in those states. At $150 for a phone consult and medications, Pills By Post offers some of the most budget-friendly abortion pills you can access digitally.

The company provides abortion pills to eligible patients 14 years and older through 12 weeks of pregnancy; however, if you’re under 18, some states require your doctor to let your parents know you're intent on getting an abortion. Financial assistance is available to those with a demonstrated need. 

First, you will be asked to fill out a 17-part intake form, which is fairly straightforward and asks about your background, your medical history including whether you’re taking blood thinners, have an IUD in place, and if you’ve had an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy (you can still access care if you haven’t). You’ll also need to provide your legal name, email, and address, though your shipping address does not need to match the one on the ID you upload at the end of the form. 

The intake form asks if it’s okay to text or call you at the number you provide and if it’s all right to leave a detailed voicemail. The platform is also HIPAA-compliant, so you can feel secure in the personal information you share (but do be wary of the information that may end up stored in your browser history). Then you will have a phone consult with a board-certified physician to make sure abortion pills are right in your situation. If they are, the pills will be mailed to you from an FDA-approved U.S. pharmacy in two to three days (you can pay an additional $25 to have them overnighted). 

Since there is currently only one physician on staff who is sometimes unavailable, if you experience any complications, it is recommended that you call the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline.

Offers Financial Assistance : Hey Jane



  • Cost: Cost varies by insurance and a sliding scale
  • Availability: 8 states
  • Doctors Available: Yes, medical providers with experience in abortion care
  • Discreet shipping: Yes
Why We Chose It  

Hey Jane puts user security at the forefront and communicates through a secure app called Spruce, plus all information is HIPAA-compliant. The company offers financial assistance, HSA and FSA are accepted, and it partners with independent abortion funds in select states to provide financial assistance to those who need it.

Pros & Cons
  • Highly secure and discreet

  • Video consult not required

  • Ships within a week

  • Only available in eight states

  • Must secure outside financial aid before making the appointment

Hey Jane was founded in 2021 with a mission to make abortion affordable, safe, and accessible to all. It provides a list of abortion fund partners who you can reach out to, and once the partner confirms their ability to provide financial assistance, you’ll receive a code to use during checkout with Hey Jane. 

Abortion pill services with Hey Jane are available to people who are in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, or Washington. (You do not have to be a resident, but will need to be physically present for both the video consultation and to receive pills.) You also must be 18+ years old. 

After you answer a series of brief questions to determine medical eligibility online, you’ll meet virtually with a licensed provider. You can choose to do secure text chat, which is helpful for those who may not have the privacy needed for a video appointment. And all aspects of care through Hey Jane are HIPAA compliant.

After treatment is approved, the pills are sent discreetly in a plain white envelope with a return address that says “HH”—they can also be sent to a P.O. box, or you can opt for post office pick-up. Pills will typically arrive within three to five business days and ship via a mail-order pharmacy partner, Honeybee

Hey Jane offers 24/7 secure medical support, and a private peer-to-peer support forum anytime if you’d like to connect with people in a similar situation. 

With Medical Health Support : Choix



  • Cost: $199-399 based on a sliding scale
  • Availability: Available in Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Maine, Virginia, and California with more coming soon
  • Doctors Available: Yes, doctors and nurse practitioners
  • Discreet shipping: Yes
Why We Chose It 

Choix is a quick and confidential telehealth provider currently available in six states with more slated to come soon. A team of medical providers is available via phone, text, and email for any questions you may have during and after the abortion process.

Pros & Cons
  • Discreet process that does not require video

  • Information is clearly presented

  • One fee covers the full process

  • Only available in six states (more coming soon)

  • Insurance not accepted

Choix was founded by nurse practitioners Cindy Adam and Lauren Dubey, and Choix’s co-chief medical officer, Dr. Aisha Wagner. The virtual clinic serves patients regardless of insurance or documentation status. You must be 15 years of age or older in California, Illinois, Maine, and New Mexico, or 18 and older in Colorado and Virginia (those aged 15-17 can receive treatment with parental consent).

You will have access to medical assistance throughout the process. Someone will follow up with you via text three days after you take the pills, and again four weeks after that. Choix’s medical providers are also available by phone, email, and text in case you need to quickly reach someone. 

Choix is a fully asynchronous telehealth platform, meaning you will not need to have a video consultation. Instead, their team will review the information you provide, and send consent forms and other information via text. If you are cleared, medication will arrive within two to four days (it can be expedited for an additional $25). For individuals who do not have a safe space to have a video consultation, the ability to both text and receive medication discreetly is a benefit.

After a brief online questionnaire that asks about your medical history, any previous pregnancies, and other pertinent questions like whether you have support and how far you are from a hospital, you will likely be cleared for treatment. 

Choix’s services cost $199-399 on a slide scale, which includes the initial consultation fee ($20), medications, all follow-up visits with a doctor or nurse practitioner, and shipping. Note that they currently do not accept insurance. The package ships discreetly in a padded envelope with no obvious return label. It also includes ibuprofen to manage cramping and Zofran, an anti-nausea medication. Choix has a helpful video that explains the full process.

Offers Same-Day Appointments : Abortion On Demand

Abortion on Demand

Abortion on Demand

  • Cost: $239-389
  • Availability: 22 states plus D.C. (patients in D.C. must provide a VA or MD address)
  • Doctors available: Yes, physicians
  • Discreet shipping: Yes, the packaging is discreet; does not ship to P.O. boxes or drop-off points
Why We Chose It 

Abortion On Demand is an online provider of birth control pills for 22 states, plus D.C. The pills are shipped overnight Monday-Friday) in discreet packaging, and all digital information is discreetly handled and HIPAA compliant.

Pros & Cons
  • HIPAA compliant 

  • Overnight shipping

  • Company donates to physical clinics

  • Does not accept insurance

  • Cannot ship to PO boxes or FedEx/UPS drop-off points

  • Not currently offering translation services 

Abortion On Demand (AOD) quickly and discreetly gets abortion pills to those who need them. Note that you have to physically be in one of the 22 states AOD serves (none of which are trigger states) for your telehealth appointment. However, you do not need to be a resident of that state to seek abortion care by providing an address within the state. They also ask if you’ve had a positive pregnancy test (though you won’t be asked to show it on screen).

To get scheduled, you’ll need to be eight weeks or less from your last missed period at the time you schedule (though, for example, you could have had a missed period nine weeks ago at the time you make the appointment, and schedule the appointment for a week later). After you’ve taken the pills, there will be a check-in via text.

In most cases, a patient can make a same-day appointment and will be seen virtually by a physician who will go over key points. The patient is then sent a consent form over a secure platform, and the pills will then be express-shipped via an online pharmacy for no additional fee.

Should you have any concerns after taking the pills, AOD has a 24-hour phone line that has a physician on call. It’s often Dr. Jamie Phifer, founder and medical director of Abortion On Demand.

Best For Non-English Speakers : Just The Pill

Just The Pill

Just The Pill

  • Cost: $350 (including the pharmacy fee)
  • Availability: Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado
  • Doctors Available: Yes, board-certified physicians
  • Discreet shipping: Yes
Why We Chose It 

Just The Pill is committed to providing medical abortion to those who need it. Translation services are abundant on the site, making Just The Pill a good choice for non-English speakers.

Pros & Cons
  • Translation services available

  • Simple and secure

  • Mobile clinics in addition to telehealth

  • Only available in four states

  • Must upload a valid ID

Just The Pill is committed to expanding access to medication abortion, and it offers translation services in 16 languages. While the service is currently only available in four states, in the wake of the SCOTUS decision, they are committed to setting up mobile clinics on state borders to offer broader, in-person support in addition to medical abortion via telehealth services.

The nonprofit launched in 2020 and sees patients in Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming. However, as with other clinics on this list, you do not have to be a resident of these states to receive care. Just The Pill has helped people access abortion who live in Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

You will first be asked to watch a four-minute video detailing how the process works. Then, you’ll have to answer several questions online about yourself (including your preferred pronouns and any alternative names you go by). You’ll also be prompted to upload a valid ID and provide your address.

After that, you will have a brief video consultation, either on a phone, computer, or tablet. Once the abortion pill is deemed by one of the licensed doctors on staff to be appropriate in your situation, the pills will be shipped from a reputable online pharmacy. To receive care, you must be in one of the serviced states and able to upload an ID.

Final Verdict

While all the telemedicine abortion pill providers on this list are reputable, our top pick is carafem because it offers services to a wide range of states, accepts certain insurance, and stresses privacy. However, its services are highly in-demand, which may make securing an appointment more difficult than it has been in the past.

Aid Access is also a top choice because the pill can be sent to 22 states. and its website outlines options available in other states, including trigger states. It’s also one of the least expensive options at $150.

Guide to Purchasing Abortion Pills 

Are Abortion Pills Still Legal in the United States?

Within hours of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, eight states banned all forms of abortion, including medical abortions in person or through the mail. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Utah. Abortion pill bans have also been enacted in Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Idaho.

While the SCOTUS decision has impacted the availability and legality of abortion pills in the United States, the abortion pill is still legal in many states. It can be prescribed via a telemedicine clinic like the ones on this list, or it can be prescribed at in-person abortion clinics, by an OB/GYN, or another licensed doctor. It is also still legal to take an abortion pill in a state where it is legal to do so, even if you do not reside in that state.

However, because the legal landscape in the United States is ever-changing, consider checking local laws or consulting a lawyer prior to ordering the abortion pill online.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Online Abortion Pill Provider?

When comparing abortion pill providers, consider the factors that are most important for you to have a safe and seamless experience.

  • Price: The cost of an abortion pill varies by provider. Typically, however, it costs around $200, and, in some cases, you may be able to get the abortion pill for free or very low cost through financial aid and abortion funding organizations. Your insurance may also cover the cost. However, 25 states ban abortion coverage through health insurance exchanges, and if you live in a trigger state, it is likely unsafe to report your abortion to insurance.
  • Availability: Using the first day of your last period as a guide, calculate how far along the pregnancy is. If you're closing in on 10 weeks (or earlier for some providers), make sure the provider will still prescribe an abortion pill. Also, look at its shipping times—some companies take one to three weeks to send the abortion pill to your home.
  • Type of medical staff: Some clinics have doctors on staff while other clinics are primarily serviced by nurse practitioners.
  • Privacy protection: Many online providers are HIPAA-compliant, and some offer additional security measures like unmarked packaging, shipping to drop-off locations, and communicating via app or text.
  • States served: Make sure the abortion pill provider is able to ship to your state or a nearby state where you’ll be able to receive the medication safely.
  • Side Effects: Side effects of the abortion pill include bleeding, cramping, and the passing of blood clots—this most likely means the medication is working. In rare cases, you may experience weakness, fatigue or chills, or faint from the loss of blood. Call a trusted physician if you experience nausea, vomiting, or fever for more than 24 hours after taking the pills, or if you’re soaking through more than two pads an hour for over two hours.
  • FDA-vetted: If you order a generic version of the abortion pill or it ships from overseas, it will not be vetted by the FDA.


Is the abortion pill the same thing as Plan B?

No, the medications are not the same. Plan B is used to prevent ovulation after having unprotected sex, reducing the chances that you will get pregnant at all. It does not abort a pregnancy. You can use Plan B up to five days (but preferably as soon as possible) after having unprotected sex. Conversely, the abortion pill does terminate an existing pregnancy.

When is it not safe to take an abortion pill?

While the abortion pill is generally considered safe, there are some risks associated with it, as with all medications. It is not considered safe to take the abortion pill after 11 weeks of pregnancy, if you have an ectopic pregnancy, an IUD in place, or certain bleeding conditions. Your doctor will help determine whether you're a good candidate for this type of abortion.

How will I know if I need to go to the hospital after taking an abortion pill?

If you're still experiencing cramping, headaches, or nausea for more than a couple of days, have a fever, or are bleeding profusely (enough to soak two maxi pads in an hour), seek medical attention right away. While these severe side effects are considered rare, you may need a procedure to stop bleeding or to fully remove the tissue from the body. You do not need to disclose that you've taken an abortion pill if you do not feel safe doing so, however—miscarriages and incomplete abortions have almost identical symptoms.

How do online abortion pill companies protect my privacy?

Many online abortion pill companies are HIPAA compliant, meaning they are bound by law to keep your information private. Some companies may also ship in discreet packaging or to P.O. boxes and drop-off points in other states where the abortion pill is legal. However, some companies take more privacy precautions than others and some may share some of your data with third parties, so it's beneficial to read through the terms of service.


We reviewed more than 10 companies that provide abortion pills via mail. Providers on this list have medical staff available, provide private, secure, non-judgmental care to all, and offer support before, during, and after the medical abortion either via text or by phone. We prioritized companies that ship abortion pills quickly in discreet packaging (to P.O. boxes or drop-off points whenever possible), are HIPAA-compliant, charge a fair price, or offer financial help via abortion funds. We only considered companies that have a text or video consultation with medical staff as part of the process (this eliminated online pharmacies from the list).

Abortion drug pills and drinking water

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