How Sex During Pregnancy Is Different

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Pregnant sex is not that much different from regular sex when you talk about the basics. But on the mechanics of sex and pregnancy, there are some differences, however. Paying attention to these differences means the difference between a positive experience for you and your partner and a potentially negative one.

Body Changes

What are the most obvious changes in pregnancy is that of the pregnant body? During the first trimester, the uterus will start to grow but will still be well hidden by the pelvis. This means that you are unlikely to see the drastic changes in the abdomen that most people associate with pregnancy. This does not mean they're not changes that will affect your sex life.

One of the biggest examples of changes that affect sex in the first trimester are changes in the breasts. Many women will find that their breasts start to grow, and feel larger than before pregnancy. While this may be very attractive to their partner, it may also come with a considerable soreness to the actual breasts. Be sure to talk to your partner about how their breasts feel if you are with someone who is pregnant. If you were the pregnant person, be sure to talk to your partner and tell them what is not acceptable. This communication will be very helpful in getting along during pregnancy. 

As you move into the second half of pregnancy the abdomen does begin to grow. At first, these changes do not tend to affect your sex life. That you or your partner may find it to be attractive. This is perfectly normal. Once your belly gets a little bit bigger and pregnancy you may want to consider alternative positions then you normally were using before pregnancy. Basically, you want to avoid putting much pressure on the abdomen. While the baby is perfectly cushioned within amniotic fluid, it can still be uncomfortable for the mother.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms may not be something you considered as affecting your sex life prior to having the baby. But both partners are soon to find that pregnancy symptoms can play a large part in the frequency of sexual experiences. If the mother-to-be is not feeling well this will usually put a damper on your sex life. However, most symptoms are intermittent. 

There is a pregnancy symptom that can be very beneficial for the pregnant woman and her sex life. And that would be increased likelihood of orgasm and/or become multi-orgasmic simply because of increased blood flow in the area of the clitoris and uterus. This means that you may have less sex, but you may have better sex.

Baby Moving

During foreplay, it may be that you or your partner feel the baby move from the outside. It is more common for the mother to feel the baby move prior to 30 weeks then it is for the partner. After 30 weeks both members can feel the baby move externally through the abdomen. This may or may not alter how you feel about making love. This is something that you and your partner will need to discuss. It is also normal to notice more fetal movement after an orgasm. This is not considered a bad thing. If you were concerned always ask your midwife or doctor for advice.

In the end, your sex life is simply that, your sex life. Do not let outside expectations alter how you and your partner feel about each other sexually. You may go through ups and downs with your libido or your partners libido and that is simply okay.

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