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Right after you learn that you're having a baby, you learn that babies seem to need a lot of stuff! If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry. This list will help you figure out what to buy for baby. There are millions of products available for purchase, but the following products are the most common needs or wants for newborns.

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How to Prepare for Baby: What Do You Really Need?

Basic Layette and Clothing

Baby clothes are cuter than ever, and you could easily blow your entire baby budget on sweet little socks and tiny rompers. Control yourself though—there are lots of other practical items you're going to need. Here are the basics you'll want to have on hand before you go to the hospital.

A basic layette usually includes a good supply of onesies, half shirts, rompers, undershirts, pull-on pants, one-piece pajamas and gowns (easier for late-night diaper changes). Other wardrobe musts include sleep sacks, sweaters, socks or booties (shoes aren't necessary until baby walks), as well as blanket sleepers.

You may also want to include:

Nursery Basics

You can find cute mobiles, wall decor, lamps, rugs, and more to coordinate with your baby's nursery. Below are the items found in most nurseries, to give you a starting point for your baby's special room.

Bathing and Baby Care

That amazing baby smell doesn't last very long unless you're ready to wash off the myriad messes babies make. Before you buy many baby bath supplies, consider whether you want to bathe your newborn in a regular tub, a sink, or in a special baby tub.

Feeding Your Newborn

Because babies grow so fast in their first few months, they need to eat really often. Some of these product purchases will depend on whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, so you may wait until after your baby is born to shop for them. You may plan to formula feed, but then try nursing and discover that it is something you enjoy. Or, you may plan to breastfeed, but find your baby is having trouble latching well and so you pump and give expressed breast milk in a bottle.


Not long after baby eats, you'll need to be ready for a diaper change. Before you buy any diapering supplies, decide whether you want to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Not only are the diapers different, but you may need different diaper pails or other supplies for each type, as well.

Soothing and Entertaining Gear

The following products are tried-and-true baby soothers that may help return a smile to every face in the household. As for newborn fun, your baby's attempts to smile and coordinate arm movements may be amusing enough for everyone, but it won't hurt to have a few toys available to stimulate baby's growing brain.

Travel Gear

When it's time to show off your precious new cargo, you'll need a whole other set of products to get out of the house with safety and style. Car seats are now required by every state in the U.S., in some states to age 8. So, it's a good idea to spend some extra time learning about this important purchase.

If you have the items above, you'll be well-prepared for your new baby. But don't let this list hold you back—there are plenty of additional baby products to explore that will make your life with baby more convenient, fun, or safe. Happy shopping.

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By Heather Corley
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