What is a Manny?

What is a manny?

A "manny" is a male version of a female nanny. Mannies perform the same child care duties and expectations as their female nanny counterparts, with the only difference being gender. Charles from the television series Charles in Charge is a famous television manny who provided the Pembroke children with support and guidance. He paved the way for mannies as reliable childcare providers and showed us that young men can be great babysitters.

Why would a family choose a male nanny?

Some families specifically look for male role models in the home. Single moms or female couples may want regular male influence to spend time with their male children. Studies suggest that strong male figures are equally important to young women and girls, and where this role is lacking, some female couples or single moms may seek out a manny.

Male nannies may bring qualities into childcare that a female nanny may not. If you are looking for a childcare provider with specific traits or with knowledge or talents in specific areas, a male nanny may be exactly what you are looking for.

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