Baby Moon Vacation for Expecting Parents

In the past, a baby moon (also called a babymoon) referred to the early postpartum period where a mom's main focus was on her baby. It was her time, just as in the time right after her wedding, to bask in the glow of her new life. It was a time to get to know the baby, to physically heal, and to keep her life as low-key as one can with a new baby.

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Pre-Baby Vacation

In recent years, a baby moon has come to refer to a last big vacation prior to baby—a chance to get away while you still can and enjoy a romantic getaway. Some resorts sell packages for a complete vacation, including childbirth classes, prenatal massages for two, and much more.

Ideally, you would take a baby moon in the second trimester or the very early part of the third trimester. This allows you to go when you feel your best. Your pregnancy symptoms are largely tolerable. You have more energy for exploring or going to a beach or whatever you have planned. 

You may decide when the best time to go is based on the time of year versus your due date. If you really want to stay closer to home and want to go to the beach when it's warm—that may mean you go in the summer. 

Reminders for Vacationing While Pregnant

Traveling while pregnant can be tricky. You will want to remember to select a mode of travel that is the most convenient but comfortable for you. If you fly, remember to get up and walk around every couple of hours on longer flights. If you ride in a car, the same rules apply for walking around. This can help increase circulation and prevent blood clots.

If you go someplace to play in the sun, remember to wear sunscreen and avoid overheating. This is important for your safety. The same goes for colder climates as well—though many pregnant women feel warmer when pregnant, making it less risky. Use your common sense.

You should also travel with your basic prenatal records, which you can easily get from your doctor or midwife. This is to ensure that should something happen while you are away, someone has at least a bit of information on your pregnancy and how to contact your practitioner. The last bit of advice for selecting a place is to watch for travel warnings in your destinations, such as the warnings over Zika virus. It might be advisable to take precautions when traveling to avoid areas where there are mosquitos and outbreaks of any nature.


Don't let the thought of planning or paying for a huge vacation make you ditch plans for a baby moon. There is also a great value at staying locally or close to home, but staying in a bed and breakfast or hotel. The change of pace can be really great and help you relax. A long weekend (or even a short one), can be refreshing as well.

No matter which way you decide to explore a baby moon, be sure to fully enjoy your time! You might even decide to do both! The pre-baby baby moon costs more and the focus is on the couple and their impending parenthood. The post-baby version is more about becoming a family and is free.

By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH
Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH is a professor, author, childbirth and postpartum educator, certified doula, and lactation counselor.