Free Online Gift Wish Lists for Any Occasion

Gift registries used to be available only for weddings and baby showers. Now you can create a registry or wish list for any occasion. As a parent hosting a child's birthday party, the number one thing guests ask after they RSVP is what the birthday child would like for a present.

The challenge becomes what to suggest on the spot, how many times to request the same item, and whether to put in unique gift ideas or similar requests to each guest. Solve this problem by creating a gift registry for each of your kids to make birthdays and gift-giving holidays less stressful for relatives, birthday party guests, and yourself.

Gift-givers will know exactly what you or your child wants, so no one will be disappointed, and the gift-giving process becomes easier and more efficient for everyone. Some wish lists even allow the gift buyer to mark off gifts that have been purchased to cut down on duplicates. 

What to Look For

The bonus of many registries is that, with a few clicks, gift-givers can select and purchase items, making the process super easy and efficient. Plus, the majority of registries are free. Below we list some of our favorites but if you decide to venture out to find a registry website on your own, here's what to look for:

  • Allows you to create multiple lists
  • Costs nothing or is very low-cost
  • Gives you rewards or coupons when purchases are made (these are usually available for store-specific wish lists)
  • Offers a wide range of recommended available products for you to add
  • Serves as an easy-to-use option for both you and the people you share it with
  • Updates easily, with features that allow others to mark off purchased items

Amazon's Universal Wish List

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Amazon was one of the first sites that encouraged the creation of personal wish lists for birthdays and holidays. When they first introduced the idea, customers were limited to the products that Amazon carries.

Now, with the simple click of a button, you can add an item from anywhere on the web. The service keeps your lists organized, and it's easy for others to buy from it with no searching required.

In addition to books, CDs, and movies, you can find clothes, electronics, household items, toys, tools, school supplies, furniture, and even grocery items. As a bonus, if you (or those accessing your wish lists) have a prime membership, you'll get free shipping on most items. Amazon also offers gift-wrapping services.


Although Pinterest doesn't allow you to buy directly from the site, it's an easy way to quickly save products you come across as you search the web. An easy-to-install web browser extension allows you to save any picture across the web to an organized board that you create.

You do need an account to use Pinterest, but it's free, and the boards are easy to share with anyone you choose. You also can follow your favorite people for more gift ideas in one go-to spot.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Many large retailers with both brick-and-mortar locations and online sites offer gift registries and personalized wish lists that can be accessed both in-store and on the web.

These options are great for those who know that some of their friends and relatives may prefer shopping in-person.

Some nationwide stores that offer comprehensive, easy-to-use registry services include Target and Walmart. On MyRegistry, users can sync a number of different store registries into one list. You can add gifts from major retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, West Elm, and more, in order to create a universal registry tailored to your needs.


WishList is a basic wish list site without the social networking bells and whistles some other sites have. That said, in addition to its easy-to-use bookmarks that lets you add items from anywhere on the web, you can use your phone's camera to send items directly to your account while out shopping.

The site also offers a Chrome browser extension to make adding to your lists even easier as you scan the web. Additionally, the site features tons of inspirational product ideas in easily searchable categories to add to your lists. This is a great resource for coming up with gift-giving ideas, as well.

Another perk? The website sends you the best deals and price alerts so that you (and others) can save money on the things you want. Plus, if you know someone who has a wish list, you can quickly search for it and surprise them with their most desired gift.


If you're looking for a mobile app, try GiftsApp. This service lets you buy, receive, and send gifts with a few clicks. You also can create wish lists, share gift ideas and favorite products, and follow friends and brands. This app brings a fun social element into the gifting and registry process, as well.


MyGiftList is a catchall website that allows you to do just about anything gift-related that you can imagine. Of course, you can register for gifts, but MyGiftList promises you can make wish lists for "any gift, any store, any occasion," so whatever it is that you want to register for, they have you covered.

Also, you can send greeting cards, compare prices, set up reminders, and even donate to charities all from one place.


CheckedTwice is a family-oriented registry, specifically geared toward holiday and birthday wish lists and organizing gifting among families with kids. Like many of the other featured services, this one allows you to create and share wish lists from items found from all over the web.

What is unique here is that kids can (and are encouraged to) create their own lists. The site itself has a very personalized, detail-oriented feeling, which likely stems from its origination story.

The service began after one of its founders was given the same book three times in the space of one holiday and decided there must be a better way—and CheckedTwice was born.

Google Sheets

If you need a wishlist that's a bit more collaborative, Google Sheets has got you covered. While you will need a Google account to create and access this service, the spreadsheets are easy to create, update, and use.

You can share it with anyone you like and use your phone to make changes at any time. Everyone you give access to the Google Sheet will be able to update and view this collaborative organizational tool. Best of all, it's free to use!

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