10 Ways to Support Your New Parent Friends

A Little Help Will Go a Long Way


A new baby is a joyous time not only for the parents, but their entire community of family and friends. Most people want to help their friends through this important time, but don’t know where to start. Here are ten ways that friends can provide support to new parents. 

Provide Meals


When baby arrives, new parents aren’t going to have much time to cook. If you’re well versed in the kitchen, consider creating some freezer meals that they can simply pop into the oven. Casseroles, crockpot meals and pans of lasagna are great meals that freeze and reheat well. If you aren’t much of a cook, simply placing a food delivery order will be greatly appreciated!

Send Diapers, Wipes and Bottles


All babies need diapers and wipes, and new parents will appreciate a surprise delivery of both. If baby is bottle and/or formula fed, sending a package of bottles and a container of formula will win you major points with the parents. Before you go shopping, make sure you ask what brands they are using. 

Volunteer to Babysit


New parents can find it hard to take a moment to shower, cook or run errands. If you’re comfortable with newborns, offering to watch ​baby while your friends grab a nap or a shower would be a thoughtful gesture. 

Create a Breastfeeding Survival Kit


Newborns eat very frequently as they go through growth spurts, and breastfeeding new moms can find themselves confined to the same seat for hours at a time. Try creating a breastfeeding survival kit, stocked with healthy snacks, bottled water, nipple cream and other items that the new mom can keep close during nursing sessions. 

Help Around the House

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Household chores often go by the wayside when a new baby arrives. Offering to help some household chores would be well appreciated. Loading the dishwasher, vacuuming and doing a load of laundry would be a big help. If your friends need more help, consider booking a cleaning service for a few hours to do some deep cleaning. 

Take Care of Their Errands

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Errands become a lot harder to complete with a baby in tow. Offer to take care of those errands that need to be done, like mailing things at the post office or returning items to a local store. If you’re up for it, consider doing a grocery store or Target run for them as well. 

Plan Outings That Include Baby


At first, it may be difficult for new parents to leave the baby with a sitter. Consider visiting with your friends at their home for a few hours in the beginning. Once baby is a bit older, invite the family out to a family-friendly restaurant, or for a walk at the park. Your friends will appreciate a trip out of the house.


Be a Listening Ear


Becoming a parent is a big adjustment for most people. Your friends may go through a range of emotions, from fear to anxiety and possibly even depression. Let them know that you’re available to talk whenever they need someone to listen. They’ll definitely love having someone to talk to, especially while on parental leave.

Gift Them a Night Out


Those first few months of baby’s life will be spent with mom and dad. It can be hard for new parents to get away for a few hours and have adult-only time. Help them spend some much-needed time together by offering to babysit, and sending them out for dinner or to catch a movie. Many restaurants and movie theaters offer “dinner and a movie” packages that you can gift them with. 

Give Them Space to Bond


When baby arrives, everyone is going to want to meet the little one. While you may want to visit soon after the birth, waiting until the new family is settled at home is a better idea. This gives everyone a chance to relax and adjust to their new life with a newborn. But don’t worry, they’ll be happy to see you and introduce you to the new baby when the time is right.