5 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun for Toddlers

Your toddler will love to get wet and wild with these activities

Toddlers can be a fickle bunch. One day, taking a bath is their all-time favorite activity; the next, they are hysterical at the sound of the faucet and throw a tantrum if you try to wash their hair. If you've experienced this split personality when it comes to getting clean, it may be time to mix up your bath routine. There are plenty of products that will help to make a toddler's bath time both relaxing and fun. Here are five ways to get you started. 


Grab Household Items for a Bath Time Treat

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There are plenty of household items that can add to your toddler's bath time enjoyment. Start in the kitchen: There are obvious items, like measuring cups and measuring spoons, plastic cups, and bowls, but think bigger. Break out the colander and slotted spoons, cupcake pans, bulb-style basters, and whisks. You can also wash out and reuse milk jugs, soda bottles, and other water-proof containers. 


Let Your Little Artist Create During Bath Time

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No coloring on the walls, right? Bend the rules at bath time with fun products like bath crayons, which allow little ones to create masterpieces on bath walls without permanently marking up the tub or themselves. Other fun (and washable) products to try include finger paint soap or homemade puffy paint made with shaving cream. It may get a little messy, but the good news is that you already have your toddler in the bath! 


Give the Bath Water a Little Something Extra

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Sure clean, clear water is great, but jazzing it up a bit can prove to be a thrilling way to entice a young child to take his or her bath without a struggle. An all-time favorite, your toddler is sure to get a kick out of a bubble bath. Use a bubble bath made specifically for young children and sensitive skin. Make sure it is free of fragrances, which may irritate a toddler's skin, parabens, and harsh-sounding chemicals. 

But there are other options if bubble bath is too boring for your toddler. Fizzy, colored disks can turn the bath water into a rainbow of reds, purples, pinks, blues, yellows, and oranges. Read the directions -- there is usually a suggested max on how many tablets should be used in one bath and let your toddler choose the colors for the night. The process of deciding then watching the colors fizz in the water will make bath time all the more exciting. 


Invest in Some Cool, New Bath Toys

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Sure, you have your standard rubber ducky, sponges, and sailboat, but if bath time has become a bore, it might be time to invest in a few new and cool toys for bathing fun. The good news: Most bath toys are very inexpensive. Even better: Your little one will likely be so excited just by the surprise of a new toy that he or she will be cooperative during bath time. Check out some of these great bath toy options: an octopus you can play hoops with, water flutes your little one can make music with, or a net your toddler can go fish with. 


Get a Bath Time Buddy

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If your toddler has a young sibling, try having them take a bath together and turn bath time into a playdate. They'll entertain each other while you wash two kids in the time it usually takes to wash one. No sibling? Have a doll especially for bath time play. 

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