Vanessa Nzeh, MD, of the Verywell Family Review Board

Vanessa Nzeh, MD

Review Board Member
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Pediatrics Physician


Internal Medicine, Pediatrics


University of Houston, Meharry Medical College


Improving the general population’s health literacy has the power to protect our health and better manage problems when they do arise. This is why access to reputable health information is so important and why I am proud to play a pivotal role and serve as a member of the Verywell Review Board.

— Vanessa Nzeh, MD


Vanessa Nzeh, MD, is an internal medicine and pediatrics physician who is passionate about patient advocacy, the integration of maternal and child health, as well as increasing diversity and inclusion in medical education. 

Dr. Nzeh’s goal is to establish a patient-doctor relationship that equips the patient with the necessary tools to feel empowered and take charge of their overall health. She wishes to decrease maternal and child mortality rates and understands that the connection between a mother’s health and that of her newborn is critical to achieving that goal. 

Dr. Nzeh is also committed to mentorship in medicine as she believes this to be instrumental in increasing diversity and inclusion within the medical field. 



Dr. Nzeh received her Bachelor of Science in Health from the University of Houston. She earned her Doctorate of Medicine from Meharry Medical College and completed her residency in the combined speciality of internal medicine and pediatrics at UT Health-Houston/McGovern Medical School. 

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