10 Valentine's Day Treats to Make With Kids

Valentine's Day is not just about giving and getting sweet notes and gifts—it is about creating fun memories with your loved ones, especially your kids! Here are 10 treats that are easy to make and yummy to eat. Get your kids involved this Valentine's Day and share some memories while whipping up these delicious goodies. Many of them are also perfect gifts to give friends, relatives, teachers or caregivers.


Heart-Shaped Cookie Sandwiches

heart shaped cookie sandwiches

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Cookies are the quickest way into many people's hearts! Get your kid involved in helping make these pink, heart-shaped cookie sandwiches this Valentine's Day.


Heart-Shaped Pancakes

heart shaped pancakes

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Valentine's Day is Sunday this year so wake up with heart-shaped pancakes. Get your kids in the kitchen early and let them help out making these healthy and delicious heart-shaped whole wheat pancakes.


Pink Meringue Drops

Pink meringues for Valentine's Day

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Give your kid a kiss with these pink meringue drop cookies. Sweet, fluffy and pretty, these cookies are kid-friendly and easy to make.


Rice Krispie Treat Hearts

rice krispie treat hearts

Rice Krispie Treats are a favorite treat by many kids. Add some chocolate and a heart-shaped cookie-cutter and this is an adorable and yummy treat for Valentine's Day.​


Heart Fruit Salad

heart fruit salad

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Heart fruit salad is a simple and healthy option that is sure to put a smile on your kid's face. Get some strawberries, watermelon and a heart-shaped cookie cutter and let your kid enjoy this snack, packing with less the sugar and the same amount of love.


Heart-Shaped Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate dipped pretzels on a baking sheet

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Get your sweet and salty cravings met with this tasty, simple to make treat. Let your kids dip the pretzels and dump sprinkles on top. Chocolate covered pretzels are a super easy Valentine's Day treat that kids of all ages will love.


Dipped Wafer Cookies

wafer cookies

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A perfect treat that requires no baking and little cleaning! Get some wafers, chocolate, and sprinkles and let your kids create their own special Valentine's Day treats.


Marshmallow Pops

Full frame of white mini Marshmallows (Althaea officinalis)
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Most kids love marshmallow treats during the winter. These marshmallow pops combine marshmallows and cake pops for a sweet Valentine's Day treat for kids to share with friends, teachers, caregivers, and family members. Allow your kids to help assemble the sticks, dip the mallows into the chocolate, and add sprinkles.


Heart Cupcakes

heart cupcakes

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What kid doesn't love cupcakes? Let your kids help make these adorable cupcakes with a strawberry heart in the middle. These desserts are sweet, delicious and sure to capture your Valentine's heart.


Heart-Shaped Pizza

Heart Shaped Pizza

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Pizza is a perfect addition to Valentine's Day lunch or dinner. Heart-shaped pizzas are an easy and fun activity for the whole family. Let your kids help create their own heart-shaped pizza and eat them together as a family.

By Jill Ceder, LMSW, JD
Jill Ceder, LMSW, JD is a psychotherapist working with women, children, adolescents, couples and families.