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Erin, a reader and mother of two, suggests that you make some heart-shaped cookies. Label each cookie with the name of a family member, being sure to include the newest one labeled BABY.

Other alternatives to the cookies would be to have words that make a sentence. For example: I am pregnant. Each word would go on a separate cookie. Or in the style of conversation hearts, consider love, baby, daddy, mommy, etc.


Ultrasound Valentine

Valentine's Day Ultrasound


Take an ultrasound picture, yours if you have one, and make an ultrasound valentine out of it. Send this card to that special someone to let them know that next year, a baby is on the way!

You can put this in a frame, or in a card, heck, you can even print it on a cake if you'd like. Simply take your photo and gift it in a memorable way that makes sense for you.



Doesn't everyone love chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Ashley, mother of three, soon to be four, thinks that a note inside a would be a great way to announce a new pregnancy. Now, what would that note say?

  • I'm pregnant.
  • Baby on the way.
  • You're my baby daddy.
  • My heart is expanding, just like my belly.

Grandparent Gifts for Valentine's Day

Grandparents are suckers for gifts, particularly as it relates to their grandchildren. Consider giving a gift that implies time with a new baby. This can be a book about grandparenting, a bib that says "Grandma loves me" or some other trinket that you think that they will enjoy. For that Valentine’s Day flavor consider making it heart-shaped.


Sibling Wearables

If you have other children, sometimes letting them share the good news is best. Have your son or daughter make a Valentine that says they will be a sibling soon. You can also dress them up in t-shirts or with buttons that announce "I'm the big brother" or "I'm the big sister." It may take a bit for everyone to notice or comment, but it is sure to bring a smile when they do get the announcement.



For Valentine’s Day, you could send balloons to the office or at home. You can either have a bunch that say 'Congratulations' or go for a mixture of 'It's a boy!' and 'It's a girl!' balloons. It's sure to get the message across.


Singing Telegram

Okay, singing telegrams are fairly normal given the Valentine’s Day theme. But why not send one with the pregnancy announcement? You could pick a baby-related song for them to sing. Choose something like:

  • Baby, Baby
  • Baby Face
  • Be My Baby
  • We're Having a Baby
  • Me, My Baby and Me
  • A lullaby
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