Ultrasound Photos from the 8th Week of Pregnancy

Pictures of Your Baby's Development at 8 Weeks

Yolk Sac - 8 Week Ultrasound Picture

8 Week Ultrasound Photo
Photo © A. Gladding

Once you hit the 8th week of pregnancy, six weeks from ovulation, the ultrasound photos that you get have a bit more detail to them. In addition to the baby's heartbeat, you may also see arm and leg buds. It is important to note that not everyone will have an early ultrasound, mainly because their pregnancy is going well and there are no symptoms that would indicate otherwise. Some of these ultrasound photos also show the yolk sac very clearly. Here are some of those ultrasound photos.

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You can see the yolk sac at the baby's feet in this 8 week ultrasound photo. It's right above the baby's head like a circle.

1st Baby at 8 Weeks

8 Week Ultrasound - Yolk Sac
Photo © K. Ruiz

Here you can see the yolk sac to the left of the photo, also looks like a small circle.

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks Gestation

8 Week Ultrasound
Photo © K. Ruiz

I love the heart icon here and the quick description of what you're looking at in the ultrasound. It's easy to forget that not everyone can tell the head from toes at this point.

Arm and Leg Buds in 8 Week Ultrasound

8 Week Ultrasound
Photo © S. Lazier

Notice how the baby's head is still much bigger of a proportion than the rest of the body at 8 weeks pregnant?

8 Week Triplets

Triplet Ultrasound - 8 Weeks Pregnant - 3D
Photo (c) C. Smiley

This 3D ultrasound of triplets is pretty amazing even at this early point in pregnancy. There is a lot going on at 8 weeks.

8 Week Triplets

3D Ultrasound - Triplets - 8 Weeks
Photo (c) C. Smiley

Do you see the membranes between the gestational sacs? That's a good thing.

Ultrasound Photo - 8 Weeks

8 Week Ultrasound
Photo © Rich & Kelly

Can you see the eye sockets to the right?

Twins at 8 Weeks in Ultrasound

8 Week Ultrasound of Twins
Photo © Linda

This photo shows just the babies (twins!) and the placenta.

8 Week Arm Buds

At 8 weeks you can make out the arm buds at the top and bottom of the baby in the center of the circle.

8 Weeks Gestation Tail Visible

This baby has a tail! It's to the left of the screen, and is just at the curve of the body at 8 weeks. Don't worry, that won't stay.

Yolk Sac at 8 Weeks

You can see the yolk sac clearly and the baby seems to have so much space at 8 weeks gestation.

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks Gestation

8 Weeks Pregnant - Ultrasound Photos
Photo © D. Vargas

This is the first baby for mom, she's so excited! You can see the yolk sac at the top of the image, by the baby's feet.

The Heart Rate as Seen in the 8 week ultrasound.

8 Weeks Pregnant Hearrate
Photo © D. Vargas

Mom lives away from home, in a foreign country. She's excited but worried about her prenatal care and options. Here you can see the heartbeat of the baby.

8 Weeks Pregnant - Ultrasound Photo

8 Week Ultrasound Baby
Photo © Justine

This ultrasound is a bit blurry but you can make out the baby to the right of the screen at the bottom.

We're hoping for a boy!

8 Week Sonogram

You can just make out the baby between the hatch marks in this sonogram.

Ultrasound Photo - 8 Weeks

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks

Sometimes your ultrasound equipment isn't great or your baby isn't cooperating and the photos aren't as clear.