Ultrasound Photo Galleries

Here is a gathering of our best ultrasound photos combined into one spot. You'll see ultrasound photos from each of the three trimesters, the girls versus the boys and lots of the 3D ultrasounds.​​​​


19 Week Ultrasound - 3D
Photo © S. Williams

Here you'll find the largest collection of ultrasound photos. You've got 3D images, photos from each trimester as well as twins, triplets and more. This is a great starting point if you're just interested in getting an overview of what ultrasound is capable of seeing and when.​



3D Ultrasound - Triplets - 8 Weeks
Photo © C. Smiley

Here is a collection of ultrasound photos from multiple pregnancies. We've got early ultrasound photos where you can see everyone all in one photo to photos later in pregnancy with only parts together and separately. Simply amazing!​​​​



11 Weeks Pregnant - Ultrasound Photo Gallery
Photo © K. Howard

The first trimester is so interesting! From the very early ultrasounds where baby looks like a bean to the weekly changes that are so drastic, it's a very diverse time to have an ultrasound.



23 Week Ultrasound Profile
Photo © J. Ashworth

The second trimester is when most pregnant women will have ultrasounds. The most common time is between weeks 18-22 when doctors and midwives typically do a fetal anatomy survey. This is also when many moms decide to find out the sex of their baby.​



30 Weeks 3D Ultrasound - Face
Photo © J. Van Norden

It's getting cramped in there! Though ultrasounds can still be done, you're looking part by part rather than at your baby all at once. Ultrasounds can be done for baby's position, amniotic fluid levels, fetal echo cardiograms and other specialized ultrasounds.



It's a boy! - 19 Week Ultrasound
Photo © C. Baker

Since ultrasound is the most common way to find out if your baby is a girl or boy, you may want to know how it's done. There are many factors that go into play when trying to decide if baby is a girl or boy via ultrasound. One of the biggest factors is the "age" of the baby at the time of the ultrasound. Other factors include: the machine, the ultrasound tech, your body and the baby's position.