Life Hacks for Parents of Twins or Multiples

Taking care of twins or multiples can be challenging, demanding, tricky, and overwhelming. Parents will try anything to make a little bit easier, and they are very adept at developing solutions, strategies, and shortcuts that accomplish that goal. These twins tips can help parents meet the challenges with great success. 


Set up Multiple Diaper Changing Stations

Parents playing with their twin babies
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Set up multiple diaper-changing stations around the house so that you have supplies ready for a diaper change without having to lug the babies to a certain spot. Make a "diaper kit" for each main room in the house by assembling a changing pad, stack of diapers, container of wipes, and any lotions or powder that you use regularly. Store it all in a plastic container so that it is always handy. 

Pee pads for pets are a genius option for a changing pad — use them as a disposable pad, or use for extra protection under a traditional changing pad.


Use a Wagon for Hauling Twins

One of the hardest things about managing with toddler twins is moving them from place to place. It's difficult to keep them corralled; they have a tendency to take off in opposite directions. One fun and easy way to move them around is by using a wagon with two seats. I like the Step 2 Wagon for Two for twins. With two seats, high sides, and a comfortable handle pull, it is a great product. 


Park Near the Shopping Cart Return

 When shopping, try to find a parking place near—or ideally next to—the shopping cart return carousel. That way, you can safely leave the babies in the car while you retrieve the cart, and then position them in the cart. When you return to your car after shopping, you can transfer them back into their car seats, pack up your purchases, and return the cart without leaving your babies out of sight.


Keep Track of Your Twins With a Free Printable Chart

When caring for two infants, it can be a challenge to remember all the details. Who needs what when and how much? Did I change her diaper? Or hers? Parents of twins need to take an extra step to keep things straight. When my twins were newborns, I did find it helpful to keep a chart of their activities. In my brain-dead postpartum state, I just couldn't keep track in my head. Plus it was a good way to communicate with my husband; it avoided confusion and kept us from arguing over details.

We used a written chart to keep track of our babies' routine. Each page represents one day's schedule, with space to jot notes about feeding, diaper changes, and medications (if necessary). In the age of smartphones and tablets, an app like Baby Connect can take the place of a paper chart.


Get Low for a Safer Home

A home with young twins needs to be carefully childproofed to ensure their safety—and the safety of the things in your home! To start the childproofing process, get down...on the floor that is. You need to get a "kids-eye" view of the world to identify potential hazards. Check out the view from the floor where your multiples play and try to anticipate every potentially appealing hazard. Are there electrical cords or outlets in reach? Small pieces or parts of furniture that could come loose? Cover all outlets and secure cords. A comprehensive childproofing process begins from the ground up. 


Synchronize Schedules for Your Twins

There are multiple ways to parent twins, and no one way is right or wrong. But experienced parents of twins generally concur that life with multiples is easier when everyone's on the same schedule. A routine where everybody gets fed together, sleeps at the same time, and spends their waking hours playing together is much more pleasant than a chaotic mishmash of baby tag-team.

Without a semblance of a schedule, someone will always be hungry, sleepy, or requiring a diaper change, and parents are much less likely to get a chance to catch a break—or their breath.

It might take some time and determination to establish a routine, but these strategies can help. 


Don't Buy Two of Everything

 When I first discovered I was having twins, I assumed that we would need to buy double the baby stuff. Two of everything for twins, right? But, after they arrived, I realized that doubling up on everything was unnecessary. There were some things that they could share and some things that they never used at the same time. Of course, there were some things—like car seats—that were unquestionably a double purchase. But before rushing out to buy two of everything, take this tip. Talk to other parents of twins and find out what you really need. 


Remember, This Too Shall Pass

Here's the most important Twins Tip. No matter what else, no matter how you feed your babies, or which diapers you choose, or whether your babies sleep all day and stay up all night, no matter what, remember this one thing. THIS "TWO" SHALL PASS! These hazy, crazy baby days are temporary. Tomorrow is another day. You're doing your very best and are the very best parent for your twins. Soon enough, they will be feeding themselves, sleeping through the night, and requiring less of your constant attention. Take a deep breath, give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy the moment, knowing that it won't last. 

By Pamela Prindle Fierro
 Pamela Prindle Fierro is the author of several parenting books and the mother of twin girls.