Twin Names That Start With the Same Letter

Girl Names and Boy Names for Twins

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How will you choose names for your twins? If coordinated or matching names are your preference, one way to create a unique combination of names for twins is to choose names that start with the same initial letter. This gives a similarity, but still maintains a distinction between the names. Many parents prefer this coordinated approach to naming their twins, rather than outright rhyming names. It provides an opportunity for consistency, but still allows plenty of individuality and uniqueness.

Consider Your Twins' Middle Names for Initials

If choosing names that start with the same letter, consider giving each twin a more distinct middle name so that your twins don't have the exact same initials. While matching monograms might be convenient for towels or decorative clothing, it can get confusing. In some circumstances, such as dealing with school registrations, medical information, or other systems that rely on name data, there can be mix-ups when the names are indistinguishable, especially given that twins (usually) have the same birthdate.

Twin Names Starting With the Same Letter

Consider this list of names for twins that start with the same letter. There are combinations of boy names and girl names. If you're having boy/girl twins, then mix and match the names to suit your needs. 

A Names for Twins

  • Boys: Alex, Alistair
  • Girls: Amelie, Abrienne

B Names for Twins

  • Boys: Benjamin, Braxton
  • Girls: Bethany, Bridget

C Names for Twins

  • Boys: Carl, Calvin
  • Girls: Callie, Cecilia

D Names for Twins

  • Boys: Davis, Douglas
  • Girls: Danielle, Devyn

E Names for Twins

  • Boys: Elliott, Eric
  • Girls: Eleanor, Evie

F Names for Twins

  • Boys: Frederick, Franklin
  • Girls: Fiona, Fallyn

G Names for Twins

  • Boys: Gregory, Garrett
  • Girls: Gretchen, Gwynne

    H Names for Twins

    • Boys: Hank, Harvey
    • Girls: Harley, Harriett

    I Names for Twins

    • Boys: Isaac, Ian
    • Girls: Indira, Ivy

    J Names for Twins

    • Boys: Joshua, James
    • Girls: Jocelyn, Jess

    K Names for Twins

    • Boys: Kyle, Kenton
    • Girls: Kellyn, Kira

    L Names for Twins

    • Boys: Luis, Landgon
    • Girls: Lauren, Leslie

    M Names for Twins

    • Boys: Michael, Max
    • Girls: Meredith, Malisa

    N Names for Twins

    • Boys: Noah, Niall
    • Girls: Nicole, Natalie

    O Names for Twins

    • Boys: Owen, Oscar
    • Girls: Ophelia, Oakley

    P Names for Twins

    • Boys: Paul, Phoneix
    • Girls: Pamela, Panya

    Q Names for Twins

    • Boys: Quentin, Quad
    • Girls: Quinn, Quela

    R Names for Twins

    • Boys: Randolph, Richardson
    • Girls: Rafaella, Reagan

    S Names for Twins

    • Boys: Sampson, Stewart
    • Girls: Suzie, Shawna

    T Names for Twins

    • Boys: Thomas, Turner
    • Girls: Tabitha, Trista

    U Names for Twins

    • Boys: Umberto, Uri
    • Girls: Ursula, Uma

    V Names for Twins

    • Boys: Victor, Vance
    • Girls: Vivian, Vanna

    W Names for Twins

    • Boys: Willard, Walter
    • Girls: Wendy, Wyndham

    X Names for Twins

    • Boys: Xavier, Xander
    • Girls: Xandra, Xabrina

    Y Names for Twins

    • Boys: York, Yancey
    • Girls: Yana, Yvonne

    Z Names for Twins

    • Boys: Zayne, Zeke
    • Girls: Zendaya, Zola

    A Word From Verywell

    There are many strategies for choosing names for twins. It can be a fun topic of discussion as you await their arrival.

    Think of how the names fit together, perhaps by number of syllables. Say them out loud many times in different situations. You'll be using them a lot in the years to come.