Teenager holding iphone with headphones

Understanding Tween Life

Do you remember your tween years? Times sure have changed. Stay up to date on social media, technology, and more, so you can try to relate to your tween.
Children Blowing Out Candles on a Birthday Cake
Fun Themes for a Tween Birthday Bash
11 year old child development milestones
11-Year-Old Child Development Milestones
Midsection of a teenage couple holding hands
6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Teen Dating
teenage using cell phone at school desk
How to Make a Cell Phone Contract With Your Child That Works
group of middle school girls bullying girl in hallway
How to Help With Common Issues Your Middle Schooler May Be Facing
Henna tattoos on open hands
Are Henna Tattoos Really Safe for Teens?
12 year old child development milestones
12-Year-Old Child Development Milestones
tween drawing picture with colored pencils
Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Your Tween Busy
Sea shells on a beach, water and hills visible in the distance
Plan a Fun Nature Scavenger Hunt on the Beach or in the Woods
Happy Students In Classroom Using Digital Tablet
What Kinds of Enrichment Activities Can Preteens Do?
Girls hanging out at slumber party
Choosing a Party Location for a Tween's Birthday
tween girls sleepover party with magazines and food
9 Yummy Ideas for Sleepover Party Food
Girl being bullied by text message
What You Need to Know About Victims of Bullying
Girls taking a selfie while making breakfast after a slumber party
Easy Breakfast Ideas for Tween and Teen Sleepovers
Girls laughing with ice lolly
Parents Should Expect Many Changes During the Tween Years
Boy (11-12) being picked on by bullies
Bullies Face Lasting Consequences Into Adulthood
Girl (10-11) texting on mobile phone
10 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips to Teach Your Tween
Good students understand the importance of time management.
How Can You Help Your Tween Become a Good Student?
Four children (9-11) at birthday party with blowers, outdoors
Inexpensive Goodie Bag Favors for Preteens
Teacher helping child with ICT skills
Understanding the Changes Your Child Will Face in Middle School
Smiling volunteer working in garden
Volunteering Can Help Both Your Child and the Community
Schoolgirl helping her friend
How to Help Your Child Avoid Drama in Middle School
young teen girl dying Easter eggs
Fun Ideas for Older Kids for Celebrating Easter With the Family
Close up of two girls with basketball
Tips for Children Who Hate Gym Class
School hallway
What to Expect From Middle School Orientation
Girl with laptop in classroom
How Tweens Change in Middle School
Mother and daughter with pinwheel
How to Find the Extracurricular Activity That Your Tween Will Enjoy
Free time gives your tween the opportunity to daydream about the future.
Why Free Time and Relaxation Is Important to Your Kid
Summer camp counselor talking to children wearing life jackets
How Overnight Camp Can Benefit Your Tweens
School friends studying in classroom
Reading Literature Benefits Tweens' Development in a Variety of Ways
Eighth Grade Student at Lockers Between Classes
Middle School Facts for Tweens and Their Parents
Mother brushing daughter's hair
Why Your Tween Is Old Enough to Take Better Care of Her Hair