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Tween Growth and Development

Puberty, acne, and body image are a central part of growing through the tween years. Find helpful advice on how to help explain these changes to your child.
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How an Identity Moratorium Helps Tweens and Teens Find Themselves
Singing with conviction
Typical Timing for the Changes Puberty Will Make in a Boy's Voice
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How the Myelination Process Relates to Your Tween's Impulse Control
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How Parents Can Help Build Their Tween's Self-Esteem
Two girls (12-13) bullying other school girl (10-11), differential focus
Biology May Be Behind the Bullying Behavior of Social Exclusion
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The Developmental Needs of Today's Middle School Students
Girl being teased by other girls
How to Identify and Help a Socially Rejected Child
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Is Your Child What Researchers Describe as "Controversial?"
Verywell Family's Child Development Journey
What to Expect From Your Child at Every Developmental Age and Stage
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How Precocious Puberty Impacts Girls and Boys Differently
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Encouraging Independence While Still Maintaining Boundaries With Teens
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How to Help Your Daughter Track Period Arrival Dates
12 year old child development milestones
Development Milestones for your 12-Year-Old Child
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Could Your Child Be Labeled an "Average Child?"
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How Your Teen's Sociometric Status Affects Their Life
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How Do I Know If My Tween Is Being Sexualized?
11 year old child development milestones
11-Year-Old Child Development Milestones
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The Different Changes Your Tween Boy Will Go Through in Puberty
If your tween wants to date, you'll have to set limits.
What Parents Should Know About Tween Dating
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Help Your Tween Find the Perfect Bra
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6 Helpful Resources for Girls Going Through Puberty
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Middle School Friendships Can Be Very Challenging
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8 Different Types of Deodorant for Tweens
A father helps his son with homework.
Helping Your Son Through the Changes of Puberty to Make It Less Difficult
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Help Your Tween Prevent Body Odor
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The Problems of Precocious Puberty in Tween Girls
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Tips for Teaching Your Tween Boy to Shave Safely
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Age and Sequence of Puberty in Girls and Boys
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Fitness and Exercise May Help Kids During Puberty
 Two teenage girls looking at a tampon
How to Know If Your Tween Is Ready to Use Tampons
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Should Your Child Start Using Deodorant Before Puberty?
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How Parents Can Help Their Tweens Make Friends in School
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How to Recognize When Your Little Girl is Going Through Puberty
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There Is No Right or Wrong Age to Begin Shaving
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Learn the Stages and Signs of Puberty and How Parents Can Help
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Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Talking to Your Tweens About Puberty
How Parents Can Help Their Tweens If They Are Late Bloomers
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How Has Secular Trend Changed in Puberty Over Recent Years?
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The Purpose of a Training Bra
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How Middle School Can Be an Exciting but Difficult Time for Your Kid
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Common Friend Problems Tweens Encounter
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How Individual Differences Affect Growth and Development in Your Tween
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Personal Hygiene Tips for Tween Girls
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When Tween Moodiness Can Actually Be Problematic
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How Are Downward Social Comparisons Harmful to Children?
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How to Help Prepare Your Tween for When Her Period Comes Unexpectedly
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What You Can Do to Help Relieve Period Cramps
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How the Tween Years Affect Girls
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The Effects of Early Puberty
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4 Major Domains of Child Development
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How Parents Can Teach Their Tween Responsibilities for Life
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Teaching Hygiene to Your Tween
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Pen Pals are Good for Your Tween
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How Different Cultures Recognize a Child's Coming of Age
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Logical Reasoning From Childhood to the Tween Years
Preteen student meeting with school counselor or therapist
Parenting Children During the Preteen Years
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What Tween Girls Want to Know About Their Periods
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Is Your Tween Growing Up? How to Prepare for Puberty With Positivity
Sad tween girl
How to Make Puberty Easier for Your Tween
reading tutoring
The 7 Best Online Reading Tutoring Services of 2021