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Tween Behavior and Emotions

The tween years can be a challenging time. Find helpful parenting strategies to help you tackle behavior problems, set boundaries, and enforce discipline.
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Why Parents Should Take Note of Internalizing Behaviors in Their Tweens
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How Parents Can Help Their Tweens When They Experience Anxiety
A boy being bullied by classmates in a school hallway
Defiance and Aggression Are Examples of Acting out in Teens
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Is 12 Years Old Too Young to Start Dating?
11 year old child development milestones
11-Year-Old Child Development Milestones
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Do You Have Strong Agreeable Traits According to the Big 5 Theory?
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How Social Aggression in Teen Girls Can Lead to Poor Victim Health
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The Forms of Social Aggression
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Materialistic Teens Are Often a Reflection on Parents
12 year old child development milestones
12-Year-Old Child Development Milestones
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At What Age Will Your Child's True Personality Actually Appear?
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Easy Ways to Stop Your Tween From Skipping School
Try to distract your tween from the bad school day she's experienced.
Help Your Tween Manage a Bad School Day
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What is Delay of Gratification and How Does it Impact Tweens?
What Bad Habits Should You Tell Your Tweens to Stop Doing?
How Parents Can Calm Their Frustrated Tweens
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Spoiling Your Tween Can Make Things Worse for Them in the Long Run
Stop the Tween Eye Roll
How to Help a Tween Manage Mood Swings
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How to Help a Tween Who Feels Left Out
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Low Self Esteem of Kids Often Develops From the Opinion of Others
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Why Is Your Tween Putting Important Things Off?
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Expections and Code of Conduct Every Middle Schooler Should Know
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Help Your Child Develop These Important Coping Skills
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Parents Can Help Their Daughters With Hormonal and Emotional Periods
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Fun and Easy Ways to Motivate Your Tween
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Why Every Tween Needs to Follow Certain Rules