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Trying to Conceive

Several factors set the stage for conception and influence your chances of having a baby. Learn more about them so you can increase the likelihood that you'll get pregnant.
Best Ovulation Tests
The 8 Best Ovulation Tests of 2021
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What Is Fertility?
Pregnancy Test
16 Truths About Getting Pregnant and Ovulation
Newborn twins sleeping on white blanket
Real Science: How to Get Pregnant With a Boy...or a Girl!
Pregnant woman holding stomach
How to Mentally Prepare for Pregnancy
Close up of pill bottle with sick woman in background
Which Over-The-Counter Medications Are Safe When Trying to Conceive?
Couple's feet touching in bed, thinking about having baby making sex
What You Want to Know (But Are Afraid to Ask) About Baby-Making Sex
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Top Ways to Get Pregnant Faster
Verywell Family's Understanding Ovulation Journey
What Is Ovulation?
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Things That Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant With Twins
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A Guide to Having a Healthy Pregnancy in Your Forties
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Do You Need to Stop Drinking While You're Trying to Conceive?
Pregnant woman with hand on belly using laptop
How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby in Your 30s
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Here's How Long It Might Take to Get Pregnant After Being on the Pill
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Use This Pre-Pregnancy Checklist When You're Planning for a Baby
Couple taking a home pregnancy test
How Paying Attention to Vulva Wetness Can Help You Conceive
Woman with her hand on your abdomen having cramping during the luteal phase
What Is the Luteal Phase? What Does It Have to Do With Ovulation?
Illustration of the female repructive system, including the corpus luteum
What Is a Corpus Luteum? How Does It Work? And What Can Go Wrong?
Couple with a positive pregnancy test
7 Ways to Track Ovulation When Trying to Conceive
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How to Use an Ovulation Calculator to Get Pregnant
Woman standing against wall with arrows pointing in opposite directions, one says work, other says home
Is Egg Freezing as an Employee Perk Ready for Prime Time? Yes, But...
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Ovulation Pain: Could It Be a Sign of Fertility?
Woman using an ovulation calculator/calendar app on her smart phone
What Every Woman Should Know About Her Fertile Window
Woman washing her hands before checking her cervical position
How to Check Your Cervix and Cervical Position
Woman looking at an ovulation test strip
Using Ovulation Test Strips to Detect Your Most Fertile Time
Woman taking her body basal temperature
How to Take Your Basal Body Temperature in 5 Minutes or Less
Shot of a pregnant young woman at appointment with doctor
Do You Know What Your Cervix Looks and Feels Like?
How to check cervical mucus
How to Check Your Cervical Mucus and Detect Ovulation
Digital basal body temperature thermometers
What to Know Before You Buy a Basal Body Thermometer
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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Odds of Getting Pregnant
Young couple in bed, feet touching, allusion to female orgasm and fertility
Is the Female Orgasm Important to Get Pregnant?
Mature lesbian couple, one parter is pregnant, sharing a laugh.
What Are the Chances You'll Get Pregnant After 40?
Couple in bed close up, feeling desire around ovulating time
8 Signs of Ovulation That Help Detect Your Most Fertile Time
What Your Vaginal Discharge Can Tell You About Your Fertility
Woman sitting on toilet at home
Do You Have Too Much Vaginal Mucus?
Female doctor discussing with patient in clinic
7 Things to Know Before Your First Appointment With a Fertility Doctor
Twin Pregnancy Preterm Labor - Worst Things About Being Pregnant with Twins
If You're Not Getting Your Period, Can You Still Get Pregnant?
Woman taking contraceptive pill
How Long It Takes to Get Pregnant After You Stop Taking the Pill
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The Top 5 Sperm-Friendly Lubricants
Couple looking at pregnancy test
Ways to Get Pregnant Without Having Sex
Young woman looking at pregnancy test with disappointed expression
Possible Causes of Fertile Cervical Mucus Without a Temperature Rise
Father holding baby boy beside a sunny window
Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal
Couple under blanket considering whether to have sex after ovulation
Your Odds of Getting Pregnant If You Have Sex After Ovulation
Woman at the dentist
Why You Should See the Dentist Before Trying to Getting Pregnant
USA, Illinois, Metamora, Close-up of woman using calendar on digital tablet
How Fertility Calendars or Charts Can Help You Get Pregnant
woman sitting on bed holding a container with birth control pills
Trying to Get Pregnant After Birth Control? Here's What You Must Know
Baby girl with pink towel
How the Female Body Really Works
Young couple touching noses in bed
What It Means If You Get Egg White Vaginal Discharge
Young couple being affectionate
Do Personal Lubricants Like KY Jelly and Replens Kill Sperm?
Feet of couple in bed hoping to get pregnant quickly
How Long Does It Really Take to Get Pregnant?
Woman relaxing on bed after sex
How Soon After Sex Do You Actually Get Pregnant?
Couple having a conversation with their doctor.
Here's How to Talk to Your Doctor About Fertility
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Does Sex Position Matter When Trying to Get Pregnant?
Couple hugging along Seine River, Paris, France - during ovulation, sexual attraction is higher
6 Things Most Women Don't Know About Ovulation
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The Best Age to Have Children: It’s Different for Everyone
Pregnant woman grocery shopping
50 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
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The 4 Best Online Fertility Calendars
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Increased Sex Drive When Ovulating Is Real
Ovulation predictor test
Using a Conception Kit to Help You Get Pregnant at Home
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Use Positive Thinking to Help Get Pregnant, Give Birth, Become a Mother
More In Getting Pregnant