The 3 Best Educational Toy Subscription Services for Kids of 2020

From renting to purchasing, a review of some of the options.

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Toy subscription services are a fun way to get new toys that your kids will love. Some offer rentals that allow you to return toys for new ones every month while others send activity kits for your child to keep. Either way, they're a great way to keep your kids from getting bored while keeping the toy box under control.

There are a few benefits to toy subscriptions. Quite often, the cost is less than buying from the store and it reduces waste from unwanted toys. Many of these toys have educational possibilities geared toward your child's developmental stage as well. Plus, your child gets the joy of receiving a package that's meant just for them. The excitement of that alone is worth it.

Our Top Picks


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For a subscription price, KiwiCo sends your child a box filled with crafts and activities, all revolving around a theme. Containing at least one project a month, the crate includes all the supplies your child needs to make something fun.

The boxes are centered around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). From newborns to teenagers, there's a line geared toward kids of every age to learn and discover while playing.

The crates are designed by a team of experts, including parents and educators. The subscription can be customized to fit your needs and each box is a new surprise.

Green Piñata Toys

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Green Piñata Toys is a rental service that offers educational toys and peace of mind to parents. Their carefully selected toys are from top manufacturers who "use sustainably-sourced wood or recycled plastic." All are toxin-free and sanitized before they're shipped out as well.

The company sends one box with three to four toys each month. They're chosen based on a curriculum designed for your child's age group, from 6 months to 5 years. If your child falls in love, you can keep a toy for a little longer or buy it at a price comparable to what it sells for at Amazon.

Parents who use Green Piñata rave about the quality of these toys. They also point out that many of the toys are hard to find or high-priced, so the rental is a good value.

Spangler Science Club

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For older kids in the 5 to 12 age range, Spangler's Science Club is a fun option. This is a subscription kit focused on cool science experiments.

Each month, you receive a new STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) box that is filled with fun activities for kids and preteens. There are three levels: the basic kit includes one experiment and the deluxe kit has up to 10 activities.

This is a great opportunity to encourage your child's interest in science. Parental supervision is recommended, which makes this a fun family activity as well.

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