The 10 Best Toys for Gifted Babies

Signs of giftedness appear early, as early as infancy. Like all gifted children, gifted babies need stimulation, both sensual and mental. Like all infants, gifted babies learn about the world through their senses, and like all gifted children, gifted infants can become frustrated by a lack of mental stimulation. In fact, they can get fussy when they are forced to sit in the same environment with nothing new to look at. These toys will provide your infant with the stimulation he or she needs.


This "nest" is a soft, inflatable activity gym. A soft washable fabric covers an inflatable tube, which can be adjusted as your baby grows. The nest includes a play arch with five soft (and washable) toys that can be rearranged, thereby altering the visual environment, so your baby will not lose interest. The cover, arch, and toys provide plenty of sensory stimulation with their rich colors and varied textures. For ages birth through twenty-four months.


Drivetime Mouse
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Textures! All children love to explore textures, but for gifted babies with Sensual Overexcitability, this adorable mouse is wonderful. Adding to the fun is a ringing phone. This mouse is machine washable and can be easily attached to a car seat, which gives baby something interesting to do and look at. Stimulation is important for gifted babies. For ages six months and up.



Babies love to touch and feel and taste. They learn about the world through their senses. The Winkel is a perfect way for them to do some exploring. The colorful, flexible loops make it easy for baby to grab and hold and the rattle entertains them. What makes the Winkel stand out from other such discovery toys is the fact that also makes a perfect teether. The Winkel can be placed in a freezer and then given to the baby. The cold plastic instantly soothes sore gums. For ages six months and up.


This Whoozit Baby Activity Toy is great for gifted babies who need lots of stimulation. It is made of a soft material colorful material with contrasting graphics like stripes. Not only is it interesting to look at, with its hidden noisemakers, it is also fun to listen to. It comes with a strap that allows it to be attached to strollers and carriers.


This mat has activities to stimulate baby's sensory and motor skill development, perception and cognition. Each of the twelve padded fabric panels has something for baby to explore, whether it's a texture to feel or a flap to open. It includes a detachable mirror and a blue foot-shaped teething ring. This is great for fussy babies. It can be folded and easily carried with its handles.

Ages 3 to 18 months.


This gripping toy is easy for a baby to hold. The bright colors are stimulating and babies enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror on one end of the tubes. The plastic tube has little beads in it so that the toy makes a little sound when baby shakes it.


Introduce your baby to music! This soft and cuddly octopus will delight baby. Its tentacles end with a colorful pad that plays a note when it is pushed. Baby can cuddle with it, learn colors from its tentacles and enjoy the different notes played. As baby grows, she can push the tentacles in a specific sequence to play a song. It has an attached handle to make it easy for a toddler to carry it around. For ages birth to three years.


These soft, award-winning shapes are easy for baby to grab and will provide sight and sound stimulation. Mind-Shapes are mostly black and white with a touch of red, yellow and blue -- perfect colors for baby's developing vision. The four-inch ball, pyramid, and cube has varied textures and sounds and can be attached a stroller or car seat. Winner of Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products, Oppenheim SNAP Award, Oppenheim Platinum Seal Award, Parenting Magazine's Toys of the Year, Parents' Choice, and Honors Seal. For ages birth to 24 months.


Lamaze Clutch Cube
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This plush cube provides stimulation of the senses with a variety of features on each of its sides. Colorful pictures and black-and-white patterns stimulate sight. Tactile stimulation is provided by the fleecy and satiny sides as well as the soft and fuzzy or flat and scratchy handles. When the cube is shaken, it jingles or makes sounds like crinkling paper. Even the sense of smell is stimulated by the cube's apple scent. And when a baby is teething, she can chew on the plastic rings. The cube can be surface cleaned. For ages birth and up.



A bouncer seat is a must for a gifted infant. Baby can sit and bounce and take in the surroundings. When baby gets tired of facing one direction, the bouncer can be turned around. But there is so much to explore, you may not need to move the bouncer around. It includes "a monkey to bat at, a roller ball, teether, a spinning penguin, froggy teether, mirror, a piano to play, and more." Baby can also produce music sounds and lights as she jumps. This freestanding bouncer adjusts to three different heights to accommodate baby's growth.

The bouncer's bright, colorful cover is machine washable.


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