The 8 Best Fisher-Price Little People Toys for Baby and Toddler of 2021

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Fisher-Price Little People toy sets have been pleasing babies and toddlers for several decades. These classic toys offer hours of fun play individually, but the Little People sets can also be used together. The cows from the farm can take a trip to the fair, and the farmer can also drive the train, so these toy sets leave lots of room for baby's imagination to grow. These Fisher-Price Little People toys make excellent baby gifts, and will quickly become a favorite toy for any baby or toddler.

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Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm
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The Little People Farm set is a Fisher-Price classic! This updated version has all sorts of surprises for baby. Putting the animals in the stalls, mud pit or chicken coop produces fun animal sounds, while Farmer Jed snores as he lays in bed.

This toy is a great help as baby learns to make animal sounds and learn animal names.

Appropriate for babies age 1 and up, the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm will be fun for many years as baby grows into a toddler and child.


Fisher-Price Little People Surprise Sounds Fun Park

Fisher Price Little People Surprise Sounds Fun Park
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Baby can treat the Little People pals to a great day at the fair with the Surprise Sounds Fun Park. The two included Little People characters can enjoy a spinning rocketship ride, zoom down the curvy slide in a fast car or ride the spinning teacups. On its own, the Surprise Sounds Fun Park provides plenty of fun for playtime, but for extra entertainment, you can purchase the separate toy sets that add a musical Ferris wheel, animal parade and more characters to the Little People amusement park.


Fisher-Price Little People Sir Lance-A-Little

Fisher Price Little People Sir Lance-A-Little
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The Fisher-Price Sir Lance-A-Little toy set is designed as part of the larger castle-theme Little People set. However, if you're looking for an inexpensive but really fun gift, Sir Lance-A-Little won't disappoint. This toy set includes the legendary knight, his trusty horse, an adorable dragon, an apple basket, and a stone fence piece. The horse has a spot on his back where Sir Lance-A-Little can ride easily. Though the Sir Lance-A-Little toy set is simple, it lets baby's imagination run wild.


Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace
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Let baby explore a long-ago time and place with a fun stone castle full of Little People characters and activities! The Fisher-Price castle toy set has a magical dance floor that plays songs. The castle even folds closed to store the royal thrones, accessories and includes Cinderella and Snow White.


Fisher-Price Little People Learning Zoo

Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo
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The Fisher-Price Learning Zoo is a great introduction to the Little People toy series if baby doesn't already have some of the other sets. An alphabet trail helps baby learn letters, while the 26 included animal figures teach animal sounds. The Learning Zoo theme set is sold as one piece, so you don't have to buy accessory sets to have the entire theme. The included play mat and storage bag make the Little People Learning Zoo a wonderful gift for toddlers.


Fisher-Price Lil Movers Motorized Race Track

Lil' Movers Race Track
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Whether baby wants to run the car by hand or watch it zoom on its own, the Lil Movers Race Track will be lots of fun. Lots of sounds make playtime even more entertaining, as the racetrack crowd roars, engines rev up at the starting line and mechanic sounds fill the pit area. Babies as young as one year will enjoy this fast-paced toy set, and it will entertain older toddlers, too, as they imagine what the included Little People character is doing as he works around the race track.


Fisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark
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This folding ark has enough room for all of the animals your baby loves, plus Little People versions of Noah and his wife.

Unlike some of the other Little People toy sets, the Noah's Ark set doesn't make any sounds or require batteries, so it's a great choice for quiet playtimes and lets baby's imagination do all of the work.

The Ark toy set includes pairs of giraffes, toucans, and zebras, but other animals are sold in separate packs of peacocks, leopards and rhinos or hippos, pandas and gators.


Fisher-Price Little People Sweet Sounds Home

Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home
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All of the comforts of home are represented in child size in the Sweet Sounds Home. Toddlers can use their imaginations to create playtime scenarios with the included family of three characters, as well as the stroller and play center. Younger babies will love to hear the ringing phone and kitchen sounds. Additional playsets are sold separately that allow the Sweet Sounds Home family to go to school on a bus or enjoy an afternoon at the playground.

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