Why You Should Play Board Games With Your Kids

Man and woman playing board game with two boys, sitting on a rug on the living room floor
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Technology has been entangling with our lives recently so much that we sometimes sacrifice parenting for convenience. For some parents, it has gotten to the point where they text their kids up in their rooms when it is time to come down for the family dinner.

For many of us, parenting has not strayed that far of course, but don't we all feel like the evenings are spent too much in isolation? One parent is reading, and the other might be working on a laptop. One kid is on the iPad, and another is busy at the video game console playing Mario. There are many reasons on why you should consider changing your routine with technology and begin playing board games with your kids. Below are the top reasons why you must.

Bonding With Your Family

This is not a secret, a family that plays together stays together. We know relationships tend to get stronger with constant interaction among parents and children. There are games that teach a lot of life and practical lessons too, and that's a bonus.

Life and Practical Lessons

Some of the board games provide lessons in life, virtues, and good deeds. Examples for this are Snakes and Ladders and Life. Of course, there are many business-related board games that might encourage the development of career skills, or teach them the value of money, the art of negotiation and risk-taking. An excellent example for this is the ever popular Monopoly.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Reading the instructional manual and discussing the rules with your children is enough for children to serve as a grammar and vocabulary lesson. Non-native English speakers can actually practice and be educated with the English language by merely playing the board game. There are also board games that specialize in teaching grammar.

Educating Your Children

Another important benefit of playing board games with your children is self-education. Children are curious beings, and they tend to explore things they find peculiar. For example, there is a unique animal or unfamiliar nation featured in the board game, playing the game might encourage children to research them further. Also, the Civilization board game gives a lot of historical tidbits that can help the kids in further understanding of world history, and of course, geography. These activities will stimulate learning without our help or from the children's teachers. The children will continue to explore and expand their knowledge base.

Saving Money on Entertainment

In addition to all these wonderful benefits, you get the most bang from board games for your buck. As long as the board game remains intact, you can play them over and over. Many will last for years, and you'll be playing them with your grandchildren.

Regardless of the weather, board games are always an option. They provide opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their children in the winter. And in the northern climes where winters are bitterly cold and nights are long, board games are readily available in specialty stores. And on those dark and stormy nights when the electricity goes out, just turn on a flashlight, and you're good to go.

Board games are just a medium, an enjoyable and useful one, for us parents to communicate with our children. We can use this time to ensure that we will always see our children grow up with our own eyes. Board games have the added benefit of accessibility. Because they do not require much in the way of heavy physical activity, there's not much investment here but time.

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