The 8 Best Home Pregnancy Tests by Brand

When you're choosing a pregnancy test, it's hard to make a quick decision standing in front of the kits at the store. But you really want, and need, reliability and trust in whichever kit you choose. Not every pregnancy test will work for you, some of it will depend on how far along you think you are when your period is due and other factors. Though most tests work as they are advertised, a few are less reliable simply because they measure less hCG. Here are our top picks for pregnancy tests.​​


First Response Pregnancy Test Kit

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First Response has been around a long time and provides a quality product that can be used three days before you miss your period. Remember that, as with any early pregnancy test, a negative result may mean that you've ​tested too soon. A positive result can be assumed accurate.


Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Digital Test

The newer digital tests are very nice as far as convincing moms that they are pregnant. Older tests are measuring 50 mIU of hCG, this one step kit is another product worth looking at for your testing needs. The digital pregnancy test removes the guessing if you see a line. It simply says pregnant or not pregnant, as opposed to measuring two lines or a plus sign.


e.p.t. Pregnancy Test

Name recognition is a big factor in this test and it does measure 40 mIU of hCG. It also is available in multi-packs. e.p.t. stands for the error proof test. It also has a digital version. This is a common brand available.


Answer Pregnancy Test

Answer detects 100 mIU of hCG in your urine​ and frequently comes in multi-packs for multi tests. You may not find this at all locations where pregnancy tests are sold. It is still a reliable test.


Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

Fact Plus has undergone a couple of big changes in the last few years, including a more standardized look to their test. Comes in multi packs, older tests kit may only measure 250 mIU of hCG. This is another well known, brand name pregnancy test.


Equate Pregnancy Test

This test kit measures 25 mIU of hCG in your urine, one of the lowest amounts detectable. This is one of the least expensive pregnancy tests, just a bit more than the thin strips.


Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

These are very basic pregnancy test strips. That means that they come with very little packaging and fancy instructions. There is only one step — expose the test strip to urine. There are twenty tests in this package which can cost about the same as the other tests packages of one or two tests. 


Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test

This pregnancy test is very different.  While it is performed with urine and taken at home, rather than a simple positive or negative answer, it can also provide you with a range of your hCG levels at five levels. This can be very helpful to you if you're trying to figure out how far along you are or whether your hCG rates are rising or falling. This is a newer test and costs a bit more money than the average pregnancy test.


Am I Pregnant? Quiz

This quiz is a look at the major and some minor symptoms of pregnancy — all to help you decide if you're pregnant!

The Bottom Line

There are many pregnancy tests available. The hardest part is simply picking one. When all is said and done, do consider the cost involved, more money does not necessarily equal a better pregnancy test.


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