Top 10 Podcasts for Fathers

In recent years, many people have discovered the value of listening to podcasts while on the treadmill, a walk, or a long drive. Learning while exercising is a good strategy and a great way for busy parents to multitask

These ten podcasts are among our favorites because they are produced by and for fathers. They help you discover more about parenting philosophies in a way that both entertains and enlightens. We recommend them to any father who strives to be a better dad.

The Dadcast

The Dad Cast
Courtesy of The Dad Cast

Self-proclaimed "Super Dads" Nick Nieblas and Shawn Warner released a 100-episode series of 70-minute podcasts. The hosts are funny, poignant, and direct in offering insight and advice. 

Nick and Shawn are entertaining to listen to. They are reminiscent of a couple of early morning DJs in how they interact with each other and their occasional guests.

The Life of Dad Show

Life of Dad Podcast
Courtesy of the Life of Dad Podcast

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy host a 30-minute episode every week or so. Each episode contains an interview with a well-known father who shares their thoughts about fatherhood. Featured dads include Shaquille O’Neal, Kurt Warner, Ice Cube, and Cal Ripken, Jr.

Just a Catholic Dad

Just a Catholic Dad Podcast

Sean McCarney, the producer of this podcast, is a father and a returned Catholic. His episodes speak of family and faith and resonate with any father who aligns with these two complementary values. And his engaging voice will keep you listening as well.

Beardy Dads

Beardy Dads
Courtesy of the BeardyDads podcast

Roo Reynolds and Nick O'Leary are both dads who hail from the United Kingdom. They post a weekly podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics of interest to fathers. 

This podcast stands out for its detailed show notes. You'll find detailed descriptions of each episode on the Beardy Dads website to make it easy to learn more about what's discussed.

The Modern Dads Podcast

The Modern Dad Podcast
Courtesy of The City Dads Group

Produced by the City Dads Group, The Modern Dads podcast talks about the life and fatherhood of "modern dads." The Modern Dads chronicle all the decisions, joys, and difficulties associated with parenting and fatherhood in today's world. These compelling real-life stories will help you relate to what other dads are going through and experiencing—and remind you that you're not alone.

Dad's Guide to Twins

Dad's Guide to Twins Podcast

Joe Rawlinson is the author of the book Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins and hosts this podcast. Episodes offer advice that can help dads of twins and other multiples in their unique experience of fatherhood, from the physical care to the financial realities. 

He reviews products, helps find ways to fit multiple car seats in a car, and more. Both the book and the podcast are relevant and relatable to any father of twins.

Geek Dad

Geek Dad Podcast
Courtesy of the Geek Dad Podcast

Geek Dad is a very popular blog and podcast where parenting and technology find a unique blend. Ken Denmead is a civil engineer by profession and a blogger by passion, and he is also very engaging as a writer and podcaster.

Father Nation

Father Nation Podcast

Jesse Foster is a favorite podcaster among fathers. On Father Nation, he interviews fathers, authors, life coaches, and others about their parenting experience. He focuses on the advice they can offer to every father who wants to be and do better. 

The Dad Podcast

The Dad Podcast
Courtesy of The Dad Podcast

The Dad Podcast is quickly becoming a favorite among fathers and families all around the world. Justin Worsham, the host of The Dad Podcast, is a professional stand-up comic, husband, and father. 

His podcast is quite entertaining—you may often find yourself laughing out loud while listening—and very informative. A frequent guest on the podcast is family and sex therapist Rachel Gibbs, and she adds an interesting dimension to some of the things dads frequently ask about. 

Fatherhood Fitness Finance Podcast

Fatherhood Fitness Finance Podcast
Courtesy of the Fatherhood Fitness Finance Podcast

Father of two Seth McKay is the founder and host of the Fatherhood Fitness Finance Podcast. There are a variety of interesting episodes offered on the website and on podcast platforms such as Stitcher. 

Topics include better work-life balance, figuring out your net worth, communicating with your spouse about finances and the family budget, and toddlers and technology. This has become a fan favorite among dads. 

By Wayne Parker
Wayne's background in life coaching along with his work helping organizations to build family-friendly policies, gives him a unique perspective on fathering.