16 Top Mom Blogs That Keep It Real About Motherhood

Follow these parenting blogs for ideas, inspiration, and laughs

Parenting is a wondrous adventure, but it can also feel like a lonely, crazy journey, with lots of ups and downs. Mom blogs can help moms and dads find community, inspiration, and lots of laughs—and help you feel less alone along the way.

Sure, "mommy blogging" saw its heyday back in the early 2000s, but thanks to microblogging via Instagram, the rise of social media influencers, and a shift back to authenticity, there's been a resurgence of traditional parenting blogs as more parents are looking to connect.

These real-life moms are sharing their own family escapades publicly in engaging parenting blogs—from the difficult challenges to the joyful moments that make up modern-day parenthood. No matter your interests or personal parenting style, there's something for everyone in this list of real, really honest, and honestly funny mom blogs to start following this year.

Laura Scott and Co

A Little Bit of Lacquer - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of A Little Bit of Lacquer

Dermatology resident Laura Scott, M.D., the mother behind A Little Bit of Lacquer and Laura Scott and Co has four daughters and somehow makes the impossible look not only achievable but totally fun. Her tagline is "everyday inspiration from a mother and a doctor" and that's exactly what you will find. Scott and her husband are both doctors and their entire family was featured on the cover of Parents magazine. Scott shares family fun from sunny Miami, tips on getting through medical school with kids, and more.

"Remember, the only people who tell you it can’t be done are the ones who couldn't do it (or never tried)." — Laura Scott, @laurascottandco

At Home With Natalie

At Home With Natalie - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of  At Home With Natalie

A mother of six, Natalie Lesnefsky (better known as At Home With Natalie) is a lifestyle and DIY blogger and YouTuber who specializes in epic-yet-simple party planning. She has the gift of being able to take store-bought goodies, like cakes and snacks, and transform them into centerpieces that kids love. With her help, it almost seems like pulling off the perfect party is actually possible.

"I hope you join me in being patient with yourself as you fail and keep trying... just never stop trying." — Natalie Lesnefsky, @athomewithnatalie

Jacqui Saldaña

Baby Boy Bakery - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Baby Boy Bakery

Jacqui Saldaña, a mother of two girls, writes about food and parenting in her blogs Jacqui Saldaña and Jacqui Saldaña Simple Recipes, where she shares the sweet and tough times, including how she finds joy after a heartbreaking loss.

Eight months after Jacqui Saldaña and her husband were married, they lost their 3-year-old son, Ryan, in a tragic accident. And although her blog, may have started out as the typical mom blog, full of smiles and fun crafts, it soon evolved into something so much more. Saldana chose to keep writing—about learning to live and love after such great loss and grief. She has kept smiling through it all while sharing revelations about her grief in her own words.

"I share it all in this space huh? The yummy recipes, the exceptionally magical Disney days, and the gut-wrenching dark days too. ‘Cuz that’s life isn’t it? Happy, sad, scared, joyous moments beautifully tangled together." — Jacqui Saldaña, @jacquisaldana

Cat and Nat

Cat and Nat - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Cat and Nat

With a combined seven kids between them, Cat and Nat (also known as Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer) are a hilarious duo who break down #MOMTRUTHS in a podcast, videos, and in-person tours. The Toronto-based BFFs believe in talking about the things that some other parents are afraid to admit, and time after time again, they are completely spot-on.

They tackle everything from that first day of school drop-off to the difficulty of making mom friends to the ever-present vow that moms make every night to be more patient in the morning (only to be yelling again by breakfast).

"If you are a mom who is three steps behind in everything at the current moment, you are not alone." — Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, @catandnat

Juggling the Jenkins

Juggling the Jenkins - Top Verywell Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Juggling the Jenkins

Tiffany Jenkins makes videos on Juggling the Jenkins that will make you LOL with their dead-on accuracy about everything from parent-teacher conferences to marriage to being the type of mom who is definitely not a morning person. But Jenkins isn't just about laughs. Her blog also shares mental health insights and her journey as a recovered drug addict.

“Honestly, I give every new mom the same advice. Don't listen to anybody's advice. There are so many different opinions and there is no one way to do something. Find someone you trust to bounce ideas and questions off of, but ultimately do what feels right in your heart." — Tiffany Jenkins, @jugglingthejenkins

Love, Taza

Love, Taza - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Love, Taza

What do you get when you combine one NYC apartment, two parents, and five adorable children (including twins)? You get Love, Taza, a quirky and adventurous blog created by Naomi Davis, who goes by the nickname Taza. Former New Yorkers, Taza and her brood now live in sunny Arizona, her blog gives us an inside glimpse into their adventures as a family, including frequent travels around the world, proving that adventures don't have to end when you have kids.

"The laugh attack turned into full-blown tears earlier tonight because while I am finding absolutely no joy in the sleepless nights of parenthood right now, maybe someday I’ll look back and miss this... hahaha just kidding I won’t miss this part at all." — Naomi Taza, @taza

Lucie's List

Lucie's List - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Lucie's List

One of the most overwhelming parts of new motherhood is sorting through all of the products that your little one needs. Swings, strollers, baby monitors, diaper rash creams—the list goes on and on! Luckily, Meg Collins started Lucie's List to sort through the overwhelming choices among parenting products and help moms make more confident decisions. Explore baby registry options, along with postpartum, twins, toddlers, and other gear guides to help you get through parenthood with the products that will set you up for success.

"We don't have time to read books on every parenting topic, so learning from those that have been in the trenches is essential to our sanity and success." — Meg Collins, @lucieslist

Mama Doctor Jones

Mama Doctor Jones - Top Verywell Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Mama Doctor Jones

Danielle Jones is an OB/GYN and a mother of four young kids and she's unapologetic about her decision to share her life so publicly online on Mama Doctor Jones. To this medical mama, sharing her experience as a working mom, educating other women about reproductive and female health, and being open about all the challenges of parenting is just another extension of her oath as a doctor to help others—just in a digital way. Dr. Jones' refreshing approach makes having a large family look chaotically perfect.

"This life is stressful and crazy and chaotic. There are chores left unfinished and to-do list items left unchecked. But, I choose this crazy chaos and I have decided I will love it, too." — Danielle Jones, @mamadoctorjones


Mama.Papa.Bubba. - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of  Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Jen Kossowan's blog Mama.Papa.Bubba started out as a way to keep her family and friends back home in Vancouver, Canada, caught up on her growing family's life in Kuwait. The family has since moved back to Canada and the blog has evolved into a celebration of the little joys of life at home with little ones. The mother of two is a pro at seasonal fun, homeschooling, and DIY projects that kids will love, from unicorn play dough to healthy muffin recipes and bucket lists for the whole family.

"Never underestimate the power of roll paper and smelly markers." — Jen Kossowan, @mamapapabubba

Mommy Shorts

Mommy Shorts - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Mommy Shorts

Author of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting, Ilana Wiles (or Mommy Shorts) is anything but average. One day, she's interviewing celebrities in her home for her popular and hilarious "Mommy Show" and the next she's highlighting her family's not-so-average travel around the world. The family of four lives in downtown Manhattan, with no plans of heading to the suburbs anytime soon.

"I got a morning with two perfectly behaved kids and that is really all I want in life— to start the day off with no screaming." — Ilana Wiles, @mommyshorts

Pregnant Chicken

Pregnant Chicken - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

From baby shower games that don't suck to real talk about postpartum healing and sex after baby, Pregnant Chicken is one mom blog that keeps the pregnancy and new parenthood sunny-side up. You'll find plenty of laughs and enough truths to keep you nodding in solidarity about parenting.

"Oh, sure 40 weeks of growing your mini me. That’s cool." — Pregnant Chicken, @pregnantchicken

Rage Against the Minivan

Rage Against the Minivan - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Rage Against the Minivan

At one point or another, most moms consider if they are going to enter the world of #TeamMinivan or #TeamNever. Kristen Howerton, the creator of Rage Against the Minivan, is one of those moms who despite her fight, gave into the glory of the messy minivan.

Howerton is the mom of four kids in four years, both from birth and adoption, and she's open about the fact that her blog is not one you go to if you're looking for recipes, Pinterest-worthy decor, or party ideas. Instead, Howerton tackles tough topics, like raising teens, race and religion, and life as a divorced mom.

"A few changes in the last 10 years: went from 2 to 4 kids, switched my hair to a middle part, and, of course, a divorce and a new relationship." — Kristen Howerton, @kristenhowerton

Redefining Mom

Redefining Mom - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Redefining Mom

If you're a parent who has an interest in running a new or current online business, then Redefining Mom can help. Monica Froese, the creator of the site, spent time working in corporate America before launching her blog that also tackles important topics like family budgeting. She helps moms turn their passions into profitable businesses in the digital space with tips like how to plan your own blog's content calendar and how to become more profitable on Pinterest.

"It's so important to support each other as mothers and women. You never know someone's personal circumstances. Your support could mean a world of difference to a struggling mother. Together we can raise the tide for all moms." — Monica Froese, @redefiningmom

Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy Mama - Verywell Top Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of Tech Savvy Mama 

Leticia Barr is the founder of Tech Savvy Mama and a DC Metro area mom of two teens. With a background in classroom technology integration and school administration, she uses her expert knowledge to educate parents and educators on integrating technology safely at home and school. Barr offers advice on topics like giving your child their first cell phone, setting digital boundaries, and supporting girls in STEM.

"I’m a mom of a daughter who loves STEM subjects. Even though I had some STEM subjects that weren’t my favorites when I was in school, I’ve put my personal biases aside to help foster her interests and while empowering her to pursue her dreams." — Leticia Barr, @techsavvymama

The Gray Gang

The Gray Gang - Top Verywell Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of The Gray Gang

If you're looking for raw, honest, and heart-wrenching insights and posts on motherhood and marriage, then Tiffany Gray is your girl. A mother of five young children from Portland, Oregon, Gray lives by the motto that "now is now" and that saying yes during childhood is one of the most important things you can do as a mom. Her popular posts on The Gray Gang remind you why motherhood is so beautiful, even in the most trying times.

"The complication of raising children is something you can never prepare for. But it’s changed me. I'm softer—both in soul and body. Gentler with myself and the rest of the world." — Tiffany Gray, @thegraygang

The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.

The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D. - Top Verywell Mom Blog
Photo courtesy of  The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.

Another medical mom who is slaying at the hospital and at home is Dr. Jasmine Johnson, a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow, and mother of two, who has been blogging since 2010 as The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D. She's shared so many parts of her inspiring story—from finding out she was pregnant in college, to overcoming 14 rejections to medical school, to finally earning a scholarship and rocking motherhood while becoming a doctor. Her blog is a favorite for stay-at-home and working moms alike.

"I use the quality time I do have with my kids to instill values that I think make them kind, strong, and confident little humans." — Jasmine Johnson, @mrsmommymd

By Chaunie Brusie, RN
Chaunie Brusie is a registered nurse with experience in long-term, critical care, and obstetrical and pediatric nursing.