Great Gifts for Pregnant Moms

If you're looking for that special gift for a holiday like Christmas, a birthday or a baby shower, look no further! Here are some of the best gifts for the mother-to-be on your gift-giving list.


Mommy Measure

Mommy Measure
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This unique strip of cloth allows you to track your belly not only in size but to personalize it with important dates from your pregnancy, like when you first felt your baby move or when you first heard the heartbeat.  This makes a great pregnancy gift or for a baby shower, but it's a unique keepsake for an adaptive baby book or pregnancy journal!


A Little Something for Mama-to-Be Organic Pregnancy 5 pc Gift Set

A Little Something for Mama-to-Be organic pregnancy 5 pc gift set
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This special pack is a great way to help celebrate a mother-to-be. You've got five little treasures in this package. This includes Happy Mama Body Wash, Morning Wellness Spray, Earth Mama Body Butter, Natural Stretch Oil, Organic Morning Wellness Tea. Each is organic, safe, and all natural. They are also gluten-free and vegan.


Pregnancy Books

Pregnancy Instruction Manual
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Everyone needs a great book on pregnancy. But the fact is that there are so many to choose from these days. Here are some that will help you find just the right book for the mommy-to-be in your life.


Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow
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Sleeping in pregnancy is difficult sometimes and uncomfortable at best. This pillow is designed to help you be more comfortable by propping up your parts. What was so great about it is that it covers your front and back, it never occurred to me to prop my back - it was wonderful. I'll admit, it's so addictive I still use mine. In fact, this product has over 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon.


Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday Bellaband

Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday Bellaband
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This thoughtful gift helps keep her belly covered and warm in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. This present is one for a mother-to-be at any stage of pregnancy, and one that she would be happy to have! This can also help someone make a more smooth transition from regular to maternity clothes.


Hand Stamped Mommy Jewelry

Hand Stamped Mommy Jewelry
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Having eight kids, I have trouble finding mother jewelry that doesn't weigh me down or look incredibly tacky. This nice necklace or bracelet is perfect for me. It's recycled silver with your baby's name and birth date engraved.


Personalized Family Mother Custom Name Ring With Birthstones

925 Sterling Silver Personalized Family Mother Custom Name Ring With Custom Birthstones
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These rings have the names and birthstones of your children on it. To proudly show all of your friends and family your pride and joy. You can also have stacking rings and different designs to show off your personality and style. 


Ask, Then Touch

Ask Then Touch Pregnancy t-shirt
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There are plenty of humorous t-shirts with sayings on them for pregnant women, such as this one with the message "Ask Then Touch." Check them out for a fun and festive gift. Maternity t-shirts are a lot of fun - and everyone is checking out your billboard.


Push Present

Pregnant woman with a push present
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A push present has come to mean a new mother gift given to a mother at the birth of her baby by the father of the baby, husband, partner, etc. Typically a push present is an expensive present to say thank you to the new mother for giving birth to the baby or making it through labor and delivery. Some women expect expensive jewelry, while others are happy with a mother's ring or necklace or even a nice statue depicting a new family.

Ideas for Push Presents

When my mom gave birth to me, granted that's been a few years ago, she could expect a nice bouquet of flowers after the birth of the baby. I certainly never heard of a push present when I had my first baby in the early 1990s. But now there are women who spend their entire pregnancy researching their push present. My favorite was a mom who wanted a dishwasher! Talk about a practical push present.

So here is a list of ideas for push presents:

  • Charm bracelet with charms for each baby (You can easily add on to this after the birth of each child or grandchild.)
  • Gift certificate to a spa - Treat the new mother to a day at the spa, have her get a massage or a facial, or even just to get her nails done.
  • A gift certificate to a baby photographer for newborn photos, which may or may not include the whole family.
  • Dining room table - one mother surveyed said that she asked for a new dining room table because they were having twins and she needed more space for family gatherings. It was an expensive table and felt right for their family.


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