The 6 Best Construction and Building Blocks for Gifted Kids of 2022

Stack, Build, and Play

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Considered a classic toy by experts, parents, and teachers, building blocks unlock so many skills for kids. Universally liked, there is so much to do with building blocks, ranging from imaginative play to guided builds. Blocks are fun alone or with friends and limiting your kids “by using only screen games for building, can hinder their dexterity,” says pediatrician Dr. Heather Shafi

Beyond improving essential skills like fine motor, cooperation, design, STEM-thinking, balance, and more, blocks are fun. There are so many types of blocks out there for the youngest kids to adults. Use this guide to find the right building blocks for your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Maple Landmark My Best Blocks

My Best Blocks

Even very young children can play with blocks, so building block sets are always good to have on hand. Since children will be playing with them for years, it's a good idea to have quality sets that will last.

High-quality sets also have well-constructed pieces that fit smoothly and neatly together, which will help eliminate any frustration younger children often experience. My Best Blocks sets are good-quality sets with over 100 pieces.

Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set

Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set

This wonderful wooden set contains 44 blocks of 11 different shapes. The variety of shapes allows children to build anything from castles to cathedrals.

This set will take children well beyond the usual simple block towers. It is ideal for kids whose imaginations take them to medieval worlds, including fantasy worlds with dragons. They can imagine kings and queens and knights and dragons living in and around the structures they create.

BRIO Builder 34587 Builder Construction Set

Brio Builder Starter Set

Sometimes laying blocks on top of one another just isn't enough to satisfy the construction urge in some children. Especially the more mechanically minded kids!

This construction set is perfect for those kids. It contains 136 pieces, which include a variety of wooden planks and blocks as well as plastic wrenches, pliers, and other pieces used to connect the pieces together in as many ways as a child can imagine!

Kids who love tools and building things will love the Brio sets for ages 3 and up.

LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit

LEGO Ultimate Building Set

Legos are a time-tested favorite with children. Sets to build all kinds of structures, from buildings to vehicles to robots, are available.

However, for the free reign of a child's imagination, the best bet is to get a large tub that has a wide variety of pieces. Duplos are the same as Legos, but they are larger and safer for children under 3 years old.

These blocks are great for strengthening fine motor skills, especially for children who dislike coloring or other arts and crafts activities.

Magz Super 300 Magnetic Building Set

Magz Magnetic Construction Sets

Magz construction sets use magnets to hold the pieces together.

They are great for kids who may get frustrated with other sets that require them to snap pieces together. Even children who enjoy other sets will enjoy Magz construction sets.

These allow children to create shapes and constructions they can't make with some other sets, thanks to the rod design.

Meccano Erector Super Construction 25-in-1 Building Set

Erector Sets

Erector sets have been around for over 50 years and continue to be a favorite of the mechanically minded child.

Most pieces are metal and are put together with metal nuts and bolts. Sets are available to build almost anything imaginable, from helicopters to race cars.

For the best imaginative play, larger sets with a variety of pieces are good to start with.

This set is best suited for ages 10 and up because it includes small pieces.

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