Top 6 Breastfeeding Books

Breastfeeding may be natural but there are a lot of things that you still need to pay attention to and figure out like working and breastfeeding, how to choose the right breast pump and when and how to wean.


I really, really like this book. The information is well organized and easy to find, even at 3 a.m. when you're alone and the baby is crying. It has great illustrations and practical information. Kathleen Huggins' style is friendly and simple, making it easy to follow and implement. There is also a section on what you need to know before the baby is born about breastfeeding as well as sections on returning to work and pumping. This book is on the 7th edition and celebrating more than 25 years!


Written by researcher, mother and La Leche League leader, this book knows it's facts. The key to this book is that she is able to boil breastfeeding down to 8 simple facts and keys. This book is simple to read and understand but the benefits are many.


Having a low milk supply is something that really worries many mothers. Whether you are just curious or you're experiencing a low milk supply, this book can really help you figure out why your supply is low and how to cope with it. This includes all options for mothers including supplementing.


Ina May Gaskin is America's midwife, and in this book, she tackles breastfeeding as only she can. In her typical no holds barred way, she talks about what breastfeeding is really like, from the first days to full term breastfeeding. She talks about breast pumps and returning to work in a very practical way. This is why so many people rave about this book. She also includes a piece on nipple phobia.


This book hits the core of the confidence issue when it comes to feeding your baby by breastfeeding. Many women have worried about breastfeeding and this book can help allay their fears and build their confidence in this natural process while nurturing their baby and child.


This book has been a classic for decades.  Now it is updated in 2010 for the modern breastfeeding mother with wisdom passed down from woman to woman - through the ages. It is written and produced by La Leche League


Written by Dr. Jack Newman, pediatrician and breastfeeding expert, this book is a wealth of information. It's got a very conversational style and gives lots of practical advice with his professional experience and observations liberally spread throughout. It really can provide the reader with a sense that you are not alone.


Martha Sears, mother, nurse and lactation counselor writes this book in the friendly prose of the typical Dr. Sears book. The illustrations are simple and the text matches nicely. The chapters are laid out well and it does include information on some common problems as well as information on returning to work and using a breast pump.


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