The 10 Best Books to Buy for Your Baby in 2018

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Recently we've heard a lot about the importance of reading to our children. This begins during pregnancy and continues on into their lives. Reading to babies can be a lot of fun. Your baby may even remember the rhyme and rhythm of the books you read while they were in utero! So pick up a book and have some fun while boosting their brain development.


Oh Baby! The Places You'll Go

This book written by Mrs. Seuss, Tish Rabe, is a quite cute collection of the poems and rhymes of Dr. Suess. The sing singy tale will delight even the youngest reader and as the subtitle suggests it is a book to be read "in Utero."


Pat the Bunny

This old favorite is still a hit. The words are simple and the textures amazing for little ones. It also makes a great baby shower gift!


Where the Wild Things Are

While it may be too early to send your little one to bed without supper, poor Max can sure spin a tall tale. This delightful story follows Max as he sails from his bedroom in search of a land where he is king and dinner is always at his beck and call.


The Cat in the Hat

Babysitter needed, cats need not apply! This classic is a cute story of what happens when a mischievous cat comes to call while a mother is out. They play lots of fun games and have lots of wild fun, but what do you do when mother is coming?


Where the Sidewalk Ends

Here is a great collection of poems by Shel Silverstein. These poems are great for kids of all ages. Some are silly, some are rhyming... but they are always a lot of fun!


Hop on Pop

A quick little book that teaches beginning sight words while having a rhyming good time! Up pup! Pup is up! Great fun for even the youngest readers...


Love You Forever

This book always brings me to tears as it talks about a mother's love through the years and how she teaches her son to love his children by example - even when times are rough.


Goodnight Moon

This book belongs in every nursery. A perfect book to unwind to after a long day. A small tale of good nights until morning lights.


Mama, do you love me?

The story of love through the eyes of a wee one, in asking the question, "Mama, do you love me?" A great snuggle time book, for before naps, bed or just anytime you want to express your love.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Have a rhyming good time as you follow Brown Bear around watching life through his eyes. A great book for all ages.