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top baby names for twins
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Choosing the perfect names for your twins is not like naming a single baby. The most obvious difference is that you need to come up with more than one name. Then, you need to decide whether you want the names to rhyme, have a theme, be connected in some other way, or be totally unique from one another. 

Many parents want their twins' names to fit well together and complement each other. The problem is that there are a lot of great names to choose from, so looking at a list can be helpful. You don't have to choose a listed pairing, but it offers some inspiration that may lead to the perfect names for your adorable little duo.

Birth Order

One approach is to name your babies according to the order of their birth. It's a fun option if you have multiples. For instance, you might decide that your babies' names will begin with A, B, C, D... The first to be born will have an "A" name like Adam, then baby "B" will be Brian, and so on. 

If you're expecting a mix of boys and girls, it may be good to choose a name for each sex so you're ready for the birth order. Keep in mind that this may be different than their labeled letter while in your uterus, as that is determined by who is closest to your cervix.


Zygosity is a fancy way of noting whether your twins (or other multiples) are identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). You may decide to let this influence your naming selections. Do you want to give identical twins names that are more similar than fraternal twins?

Sex of Babies

Does the gender of your twins influence your naming? Would you give two girls, regardless of zygosity, similar sounding names? Perhaps you would only consider names that are similar if the children were identical. This may also depend on if you have girl/girl twins, girl/boy twins, boy/boy twins, or other multiples.

Matching Names

Zygosity may not matter to you. Perhaps you've been dying to use cute matching names forever. Multiple births give you that chance! It's a popular option for parents of multiples.

When you do this, you run the risk of getting the kids confused. Did you say Madison or Madeline? Will they both have the nickname Maddy? You also run the risk of confusing everyone else.

Questions to Ask Yourself

This is a big decision and there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding on names.

  • Do the names emphasize that my children are a pair? If yes, is that what I want?
  • Can the names be easily confused for one another? (Mia and Nia)
  • Do they have the same initials? (Amy Elise and Amanda Elliot)
  • Can their names standalone when they are older?
  • Do they have easy alternatives for nicknames?

Choosing Name Combinations

When you find out you are having twins, baby names are something you probably start to think about fairly quickly. Grab your baby name books and get started!

There are many options, but most parents of twins say that their decision ultimately depends on how the names sound together. Here are a few popular examples.

  • Lucille and Hudson: These are both strong, standalone names. Together they have a sort of storybook quality. Lucille means "light" and is French in origin. Hudson is an English name meaning "son of the hooded man." Can't you almost hear the superhero in each?
  • Elise and Elijah: A French name, Elise means "consecrated to God." Elijah is a Hebrew name with a similar meaning: "God is Lord." This is one way to connect the names, both with the same first letter and similar meanings but different sounds.
  • Erica and Jonathan: Sometimes the meaning of the name is the most important thing. Erica is the name of Norse background that means "forever strong." Jonathan is Hebrew for "God has given." These strong names would be great names for babies who are born after a much-wanted pregnancy or who were born early and have fought hard to survive.
  • Leonard and Annabelle: Leo is the Latin root for "lion," so the name Leonard has come to mean "lion-hearted." Annabelle is an American name that is a combination of the French word Belle, meaning "beauty" and the Hebrew word Hannah, of which Anna is a derivative. These names emphasize the masculine and feminine.
  • Dorothy and Jack: Dorothea is a Greek word meaning "gift of God." Jack is a diminutive name for John, which is English for "God is gracious." You could also use Dorothy with it's meaning matched name for boys, Nathan (Hebrew). This is a nice combination of a popular name and a less popular but familiar name for the twins.
  • Dylan and Delaney: Meaning "son of the wave" in Welsh, Dylan can also be spelled Dillon. Delaney is French, meaning "the Elder tree grove." This might be a Harry Potter shoutout to the elder wand, or it could simply be parents who really love nature and are looking for nature-based names.
  • Cameron and Matthew: You might ignore the meaning of these name and use them because you love them. Cameron is Scottish for "crooked nose." Matthew is Greek for "gift of God."
  • Samantha and Jake: Being a mostly American name that is wildly popular, Samantha means "listener." Jake means "grasps the heel." That said, if you're a fan of '80s movies, you might catch that these names are a tribute to "Sixteen Candles" characters.
  • Oliver and Molly: Looking for comfortable names? Try these on for size! Oliver is French for "olive tree," while Molly is the diminutive name of Mary, and it means "bitter."
  • Lily and Lyle: Are you a fan of alliteration? Lily is English for "flower" or "pure" and Lyle is English for "island." As stand-alone names, they work, but together they have a snazzy little punch.
  • Charlotte and Mark: This is another set of strong names for boy/girl twins. Charlotte is French for "free man" and Mark is Greek for "consecrated to the God Mars."

Most Popular Names for Girl/Boy Twins

For a number of years, the Social Security Administration compiled a list of the most popular twin names. Though they have stopped doing so, they do still track the most popular individual baby names. It's an excellent source if you want to explore great names.

Nonetheless, the most popular twin names offer great inspiration for parents. It's fun to see what others decided on and these pairings can certainly inspire your own naming decisions. The following have been very popular boy/girl twin names.

  1. Madison, Mason 
  2. Emma, Ethan 
  3. Taylor, Tyler 
  4. Madison, Michael 
  5. Jayda, Jayden 
  6. Madison, Matthew 
  7. Samuel, Sophia 
  8. Addison, Aiden 
  9. Olivia, Owen 
  10. Zachary, Zoe 
  11. Addison, Jackson 
  12. Aiden, Ava 
  13. Emily, Ethan 
  14. Emma, Ryan 
  15. Isaac, Isabella 
  16. Natalie, Nathan 
  17. Abigail, Benjamin 
  18. Andrew, Emma 
  19. Isabella, Isaiah 
  20. Jada, Jaden 
  21. Brian, Brianna 
  22. Emma, Jack 
  23. Aiden, Emma 
  24. Eli, Ella 
  25. Jacob, Olivia 
  26. Lily, Logan 
  27. Michael, Michelle 
  28. Naomi, Noah 
  29. Abigail, Alexander 
  30. Abigail, Andrew 
  31. Brandon, Brianna 
  32. Chloe, Christian 
  33. Elizabeth, William 
  34. Emily, Matthew 
  35. Emma, Jacob 
  36. Emma, William 
  37. Jacob, Sarah 
  38. Lilly, Logan 
  39. Nicholas, Sophia 
  40. Noah, Sophia 
  41. Oliver, Olivia 
  42. Sophia, William 
  43. Abigail, Jacob 
  44. Addison, Austin 
  45. Alexander, Sophia 
  46. Ella, Jackson 
  47. Emma, Evan 
  48. Emma, James 
  49. Jayla, Jaylen 
  50. Zachary, Zoey 

Most Popular Names for Girl/Girl Twins

If you are expecting two girls, there are many fantastic pairing options for your little ones. They're cute combinations, with some having similarities between the two names while others simply sound great together.

  1. Ella, Emma
  2. Olivia, Sophia 
  3. Gabriella, Isabella 
  4. Faith, Hope 
  5. Ava, Emma 
  6. Isabella, Sophia 
  7. Madison, Morgan
  8. Ava, Ella 
  9. Ava, Olivia 
  10. Mackenzie, Madison 
  11. Abigail, Isabella
  12. Abigail, Emma
  13. Hailey, Hannah 
  14. Makayla, Mackenzie 
  15. Addison, Avery 
  16. Elizabeth, Emily 
  17. Ava, Mia 
  18. Heaven, Nevaeh 
  19. Abigail, Emily 
  20. Emma, Olivia 
  21. London, Paris 
  22. Chloe, Claire 
  23. Mia, Mya 
  24. Anna, Emma 
  25. Arianna, Brianna 
  26. Isabella, Olivia 
  27. Abigail, Lillian 
  28. Addison, Ava 
  29. Emma, Isabella 
  30. Samantha, Sophia 
  31. Ella, Olivia
  32. Emma, Hannah 
  33. Emma, Mia 
  34. Faith, Grace 
  35. Madison, Makenzie 
  36. Madison, Olivia 
  37. Abigail, Olivia 
  38. Annabella, Isabella 
  39. Chloe, Zoe
  40. Elizabeth, Isabella 
  41. Elizabeth, Victoria
  42. Jada, Jade 
  43. Julia, Sophia 
  44. Kayla, Kylie 
  45. Madison, Megan 
  46. Mia, Sophia 
  47. Natalie, Olivia 
  48. Paige, Payton 
  49. Serenity, Trinity 
  50. Valentina, Valeria 

Most Popular Names for Boy/Boy Twins

A pair of baby boys also offers some great naming options. You'll notice themes in many of these combinations as well and they include many of the most popular baby names overall.

  1. Jacob, Joshua 
  2. Ethan, Evan 
  3. Jayden, Jordan 
  4. Daniel, David 
  5. Matthew, Michael 
  6. Landon, Logan 
  7. Elijah, Isaiah 
  8. Jacob, Joseph 
  9. Jayden, Jaylen 
  10. Isaac, Isaiah 
  11. Caleb, Joshua 
  12. Andrew, Matthew 
  13. James, John 
  14. Alexander, Nicholas 
  15. Jeremiah, Josiah 
  16. Joseph, Joshua 
  17. Nathan, Nicholas 
  18. Jonathan, Joshua 
  19. Logan, Lucas 
  20. Ethan, Nathan
  21. Aiden, Ethan
  22. Jeremiah, Joshua 
  23. Alexander, Andrew 
  24. Alexander, Benjamin 
  25. Logan, Luke 
  26. Jacob, Lucas
  27. Jonathan, Joseph 
  28. Nathan, Noah 
  29. Andrew, Anthony 
  30. Brandon, Bryan 
  31. Daniel, Michael 
  32. Daniel, Samuel 
  33. Isaiah, Jeremiah 
  34. Jaden, Jordan 
  35. Jayden, Kayden 
  36. John, Joseph 
  37. Matthew, Ryan 
  38. Aiden, Austin 
  39. Benjamin, Samuel 
  40. Christopher, Nicholas 
  41. Taylor, Tyler 
  42. Benjamin, William 
  43. Hayden, Hunter 
  44. Santiago, Sebastian 
  45. Alexander, Anthony 
  46. Alexander, William 
  47. Brandon, Brian 
  48. Carter, Cooper 
  49. Evan, Owen 
  50. Evan, Ryan 

A Word From Verywell

Finding a name for your twins comes with many things to consider. The popularity of the names, the combination of the names, and your preferences are just a few. Have fun with this task and consider it a great adventure. Write down all your favorites and narrow it down from there.

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