275 Popular Twin Baby Names

Learn the meaning and origins of popular twin baby names

Choosing the perfect names for your twins is not exactly like choosing a name for a single baby. If you agonized for months over what to name one baby, you are in for more than double trouble. Your might want your twins' names to fit well together and complement each other. You may want the names to rhyme, have a theme or special connection, or be totally unique from one another. Lists can help you find the perfect names for your adorable little duo.

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Considerations for Naming Twins

This is a big decision and there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding on names:

  • Do you want the names to emphasize that the children are a pair?
  • Can the names be easily confused for one another? (Mia and Nia)
  • Do they have the same initials? (Amy Elise and Amanda Elliot)
  • Can their names stand alone when they are older?
  • Do they have easy alternatives for nicknames?

Naming Twins - Fun Facts & Some Tips for Choosing

Zygosity and Sex

Zygosity is a fancy way of noting whether your twins (or other multiples) are identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). You may decide to let this influence your naming selections. Do you want to give identical twins names that are more similar than fraternal twins? This may also depend on if you have girl/girl twins, girl/boy twins, or boy/boy twins.

Matching Names

Matching names can be fun, but they bring a risk of confusion. Madison and Madeline sound alike and both might have Maddy as a nickname. Names that start with the same letter might bring mix-ups in data systems, especially considering that the twins will usually have the same birthdate. Giving each child a distinct middle name beginning with a different letter might help alleviate this problem, and the child might decide to use that as their name later in life.

Rhyming Names

Rhyming names were popular for twins in the past, but less so in recent years when there has been more of an emphasis on allowing twins to have distinct identities. But you may like a pleasing rhyming combination knowing you will be using it constantly. Names that rhyme but can be used in a short or long version can allow twins and multiples to vary what they are called as they get older. Be sure to test the names out loud.

Twin Girl Names

If you are expecting two girls, there are many fantastic pairing options for your little ones. They're cute combinations, with some having similarities between the two names while others simply sound great together—many inspired from the top list of baby girl names.

Popular Name Combinations

  • Abigail, Emily 
  • Abigail, Emma
  • Abigail, Isabella
  • Abigail, Lillian
  • Abigail, Olivia 
  • Anna, Emma 
  • Ava, Ella 
  • Ava, Emma
  • Ava, Mia 
  • Ava, Olivia
  • Elizabeth, Isabella 
  • Elizabeth, Victoria
  • Ella, Olivia
  • Emma, Hannah 
  • Emma, Isabella 
  • Emma, Olivia
  • Faith, Grace 
  • Faith, Hope
  • Heaven, Nevaeh
  • Isabella, Olivia 
  • Isabella, Sophia
  • Julia, Sophia 
  • London, Paris 
  • Madison, Olivia 
  • Olivia, Sophia
  • Emma, Mia
  • Mia, Mya
  • Natalie, Olivia

Rhyming Names

  • Abby (Abigail), Gabby (Gabrielle)
  • Addison, Madison
  • Amanda, Miranda
  • Annabella, Isabella 
  • Arianna, Brianna
  • Bernice, Denise
  • Chloe, Zoe
  • Gabriella, Isabella
  • Jessa, Tessa
  • Kylie, Miley
  • Lily, Millie
  • Mia, Lea
  • Mia, Sophia 
  • Nora, Cora
  • Sadie, Katie
  • Sara, Cara
  • Serenity, Trinity 

Names That Start With the Same Letter

  • Addison, Ava 
  • Addison, Avery
  • Amelie, Adrienne
  • Beatrice, Brooklyn
  • Bethany, Bridget
  • Callie, Cecilia
  • Charlotte, Claire
  • Chloe, Claire
  • Danielle, Devyn
  • Destiny, Dahlia
  • Eliza, Emerson
  • Elizabeth, Emily 
  • Eleanor, Evie
  • Ella, Emma
  • Fiona, Fallyn
  • Flora, Felicity
  • Gretchen, Gwynne
  • Grace, Guilia
  • Hailey, Hannah
  • Indira, Ivy
  • Iris, Imani
  • Jada, Jade
  • Jade, Josie
  • Jocelyn, Jess
  • Kaylee, Kendra
  • Kayla, Kylie
  • Kellyn, Kira
  • Lauren, Leslie
  • Lily, Lana
  • Mackenzie, Madison
  • Madison, Megan 
  • Madison, Morgan
  • Makayla, Mackenzie
  • Melissa, Meredith
  • Maya, Melody
  • Natalie, Nicole
  • Nadia, Nova
  • Octavia, Oakley
  • Olive, Ophelia
  • Paige, Payton 
  • Paula, Peyton
  • Piper, Presley
  • Quinn, Quella
  • Raquel, Reagan
  • Rose, Ruby
  • Samantha, Sophia
  • Savannah, Scarlett
  • Sienna, Summer
  • Thea, Tessa
  • Tatiana, Trinity
  • Uma, Ursula
  • Valentina, Valeria
  • Valentina, Violet
  • Vera, Vivian
  • Wendy, Willa
  • Willow, Winona
  • Xabrina, Xandra
  • Yana, Yvonne

Twin Boy Names

A pair of baby boys also offers some great naming options. You'll notice themes in many of these combinations as well and they include many of the most popular baby boy names overall.

Popular Name Combinations

  • Aiden, Ethan
  • Alexander, Benjamin 
  • Alexander, Nicholas 
  • Alexander, William 
  • Benjamin, Samuel 
  • Benjamin, William 
  • Caleb, Joshua 
  • Christopher, Nicholas
  • Daniel, Michael 
  • Daniel, Samuel 
  • Elijah, Isaiah 
  • Ethan, Nathan
  • Evan, Owen 
  • Evan, Ryan 
  • Isaiah, Jeremiah 
  • Jacob, Lucas
  • Matthew, Ryan
  • Taylor, Tyler 

Rhyming Names

  • Aiden, Caden
  • Barrett, Jarrett
  • Blake, Jake
  • Brandon, Landon
  • Brett, Rhett
  • Daniel, Nathaniel
  • Ian, Ryan
  • Jayden, Kayden
  • Jayden, Jaylen 
  • Jayden, Jordan
  • Jeremiah, Josiah
  • John, Shaun
  • Miles, Niall

Names That Start With the Same Letter

  • Aiden, Austin
  • Alex, Alistair
  • Alexander, Andrew 
  • Alexander, Anthony 
  • Andrew, Anthony
  • Andrew, Ashton 
  • Andrew, Matthew
  • Bailey, Bennett
  • Brandon, Brian 
  • Brandon, Bryan
  • Braxton, Benjamin
  • Cale, Curtis
  • Calvin, Carl
  • Carter, Cooper
  • Daniel, David
  • Davis, Douglas
  • Dominic, Dylan
  • Eli, Emmett
  • Elliott, Eric
  • Ethan, Evan
  • Finn, Fisher
  • Franklin, Frederick
  • Garrett, Gregory
  • Gavin, Grant
  • Hank, Harvey
  • Henry, Hudson
  • Hayden, Hunter 
  • Isaac, Isaiah
  • Isaac, Ian
  • Isaiah, Ivan
  • Jace, Joel
  • Jacob, Joseph 
  • Jacob, Joshua 
  • James, John
  • James, Joshua 
  • Jeremiah, Joshua 
  • John, Joseph 
  • Jonathan, Joseph 
  • Jonathan, Joshua 
  • Joseph, Joshua
  • Kai, Kaleb
  • Kenton, Kyle
  • Landon, Logan
  • Langdon, Luis
  • Liam, Lucas
  • Logan, Lucas 
  • Logan, Luke
  • Marcus, Mason
  • Matthew, Michael
  • Max, Michael
  • Nathan, Nicholas 
  • Nathan, Noah
  • Neil, Nicholas
  • Paul, Phoenix
  • Peter, Philip
  • Quad, Quentin
  • Ramsey, Rory
  • River, Ryder
  • Sampson, Stewart
  • Samuel, Steven
  • Santiago, Sebastian
  • Thomas, Turner
  • Tucker, Tyson
  • Umberto, Uri
  • Vance, Victor
  • Vaughn, Vincent
  • Walter, Willard
  • Warren, Wyatt
  • Xander, Xavier
  • Yancey, York
  • Zach, Zebediah
  • Zayne, Zeke

Twin Boy & Girl Names

You can put together popular names for each sex, or go with a theme of rhyming, alliteration, or simply starting with the same letter.

Popular Name Combinations

  • Abigail, Benjamin 
  • Abigail, Jacob 
  • Addison, Jackson
  • Aiden, Emma 
  • Alexander, Sophia 
  • Andrew, Emma
  • Annabelle, Leonard
  • Cameron, Matthew
  • Charlotte, Mark
  • Dorothy, Jack
  • Dylan, Gillian
  • Elizabeth, William 
  • Ella, Jackson
  • Emily, Matthew
  • Emma, Jack 
  • Emma, Jacob 
  • Emma, James 
  • Emma, Ryan 
  • Emma, William
  • Erica, Jonathan
  • Jacob, Olivia 
  • Jacob, Sarah
  • Lucille, Hudson
  • Molly, Oliver
  • Nicholas, Sophia 
  • Noah, Sophia
  • Samantha, Jake
  • Sophia, William
  • Dylan, Gillian

Rhyming Names

  • Tate, Kate
  • Tristan, Kristen
  • Bensen, Jensen
  • Wylie, Riley
  • Hudson, Judson
  • Samuel (Sam), Pamela (Pam)
  • Finn, Quinn
  • Wilson, Allison
  • Brendon, Glyndon

Names That Start With the Same Letter

  • Abigail, Alexander 
  • Abigail, Andrew 
  • Addison, Aiden 
  • Addison, Austin 
  • Aiden, Ava 
  • Brandon, Brianna 
  • Brian, Brianna 
  • Chloe, Christian
  • Delaney, Dylan
  • Eli, Ella
  • Elise, Elijah
  • Emily, Ethan 
  • Emma, Ethan 
  • Emma, Evan 
  • Isaac, Isabella 
  • Isabella, Isaiah 
  • Jada, Jaden 
  • Jayda, Jayden 
  • Jayla, Jaylen 
  • Lily (Lilly), Logan 
  • Lily, Lyle
  • Madison, Mason 
  • Madison, Matthew 
  • Madison, Michael 
  • Michael, Michelle 
  • Naomi, Noah 
  • Natalie, Nathan 
  • Oliver, Olivia 
  • Olivia, Owen 
  • Samuel, Sophia 
  • Taylor, Tyler 
  • Zachary, Zoe (Zoey)

A Word From Verywell

Finding a name for your twins comes with many things to consider. The popularity of the names, the combination of the names, and your preferences are just a few. Have fun with this task and consider it a great adventure. Write down all your favorites and narrow it down from there until you find the perfect match.

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