The 6 Best Baby Name Books to Buy in 2018

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Trying to name your baby can be a difficult task. Thankfully we have plenty of book options to help us find just the right name. Start early in your pregnancy and read names often, narrowing your list. These books will help you find names you didn't know existed or find the meaning of names you didn't understand. I still pour over baby name books on a regular basis. 

Our Top Picks


The Baby Name Wizard

The Baby Name Wizard, Revised 3rd Edition: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby Paperback – May 7, 2013
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This book is a unique look at baby names. It tracks how a name has ranked over the years as well as the usual host of meanings, origins, etc. A very refreshing addition to the baby name world. I really like that each name has it's own chart to give you a quick view of where the name has been.


Beyond Ava & Aiden

Beyond Ava & Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby Paperback – June 23, 2009
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Beyond Ava and Aiden is a highly addictive and fun read. It is a great source for anyone trying to choose a name for a baby who is looking to get away from stodgy, lengthy lists of names, meanings, origins and lots of details. This spunky book of lists and characteristics is sure to find a place in your baby naming bookshelf.


Baby Names Now

Baby Names Now
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Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz also wrote this book on names. While it is very different from their first book of names, it is still a fun read. Again, the humor and sarcasm are so wonderfully refreshing. There are fewer names in this book, but more running, hilarious, commentaries. Perhaps it's supposed to be serious, but it really does make you look at names you choose.


O'Baby: The Irish Baby Names Book

O'Baby: The Irish Baby Name Book
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Looking for a book of Irish baby names? Look no further than Geoffrey Johnson's complete guide to naming your baby with lots of great Irish names.


Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby

Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby
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Looking for an Indian name? This book offers many names not found in your average baby name book. Including pronunciation guides and options.


Saint's Names for Your Baby

Saints' Names for Your Baby
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Fiona MacMath offers you a complete listing of Saint names for your baby, including history, definition or more.


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