Newborn Baby Boy Names

New Baby Boy Names

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Newborn baby boy names are a complex subject, more so than I think most people believe. There seem to be fewer names for boys than for girls. And there seem to be fewer new baby boy names - names that haven't previously been used often nor are popular. This means that there are fewer new names on any given baby name chart for boys.

A baby name for a boy also has to fit a tiny newborn baby as well as a grown man. It never really occurred to me that this would be different until I heard one of my aunts say one day: "How could anyone look at this charming baby boy and call him Harry?" (Of course in my young mind, I heard the word hairy, and this bald baby didn't meet those standards!) So boys have to have a name that they can grow with, not necessarily into.

There are also names that were once used for boys that have started to be used for baby girls. Once a baby name seems to go from masculine to feminine, there are fewer and fewer boys who seem to use that name from that point forward. You can look at regional differences too, with some masculine names in Europe being more feminine names here, Robin is the perfect example. In the United States, it's always assumed that I am a female, but abroad, it is always assumed that I am a male.

So what makes a good baby name for your son? I think it's important that a name be one that you genuinely like. A name that has some meaning for you - either a namesake, or the meaning of the name is special to you, such as it is a quality you want your baby to have, or it means something that your baby did, or will do, or it means the same as a name of a relative that you didn't or couldn't use the original name.

So, do not stress over picking a name for your baby boy. Start a list, you can use these popular boy names as a starting point. Some names will give you a point from where you can jump off, other names will be a dead end - it's just a way to start the baby name conversation.

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Jacob
  4. Mason
  5. William
  6. Ethan
  7. Michael
  8. Alexander
  9. Jayden
  10. Daniel
  11. Elijah
  12. Aiden
  13. James
  14. Benjamin
  15. Matthew
  16. Jackson
  17. Logan
  18. David
  19. Anthony
  20. Joseph
  21. Joshua
  22. Andrew
  23. Lucas
  24. Gabriel
  25. Samuel
  26. Christopher
  27. John
  28. Dylan
  29. Isaac
  30. Ryan
  31. Nathan
  32. Carter
  33. Caleb
  34. Luke
  35. Christian
  36. Hunter
  37. Henry
  38. Owen
  39. Landon
  40. Jack
  41. Wyatt
  42. Jonathan
  43. Eli
  44. Isaiah
  45. Sebastian
  46. Jaxon
  47. Julian
  48. Brayden
  49. Gavin
  50. Levi
  51. Aaron
  52. Oliver
  53. Jordan
  54. Nicholas
  55. Evan
  56. Connor
  57. Charles
  58. Jeremiah
  59. Cameron
  60. Adrian
  61. Thomas
  62. Robert
  63. Tyler
  64. Colton
  65. Austin
  66. Jace
  67. Angel
  68. Dominic
  69. Josiah
  70. Brandon
  71. Ayden
  72. Kevin
  73. Zachary
  74. Parker
  75. Blake
  76. Jose
  77. Chase
  78. Grayson
  79. Jason
  80. Ian
  81. Bentley
  82. Adam
  83. Xavier
  84. Cooper
  85. Justin
  86. Nolan
  87. Hudson
  88. Easton
  89. Jase
  90. Carson
  91. Nathaniel
  92. Jaxson
  93. Kayden
  94. Brody
  95. Lincoln
  96. Luis
  97. Tristan
  98. Damian
  99. Camden
  100. Juan

These are the most recent popular names from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA provides a list every year of the top 1,000 names for girls and boys. These are the most common 100 names for boys on 2013 birth certificates.​


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