Are the terrible twos really that bad? Get the facts on toddler issues like potty training, sleep, discipline, diet, appropriate activities, and more.
Baby sleeping with pacifier
Ask Dr. Mom: How Long Is It OK for My Child to Use a Pacifier?
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Can I Take Dayquil or Nyquil While Breastfeeding?
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Celebrating Back to School! How 2021-22 Can Be Your Best Year Yet
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12 Fast & Easy Hairstyles For a Cute Back-to-School Look
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How to Travel With a Toddler on a Plane
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What to Know Before Buying Your Toddler a Mattress
toddler on scooter while mom watches at park.
Should You Buy Your Toddler a Scooter?
speech therapy
How to Do Speech Therapy at Home
Girl enjoying herself and spending leisure time at home. She is reading book with her teddy bear in a tent at home
Best Book Subscriptions for Kids of 2022
Online Learning Platforms
The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022
toddler painting
An Overview of Toddlers
Toddler sleeping
What to Do About Infant Night Terrors
a little boy in a bathroom
Urinary Tract Infections in Toddlers
toddler yawning
Signs of Sleep Regression in Toddlers
Siblings making crafts at the table
How Holiday Traditions Like Elf on the Shelf Fuel Child Development
Parents can learn by watching their toddler.
13 Lessons Your Toddler Can Teach You
toddler awake in crib
Should You See a Doctor If Your Baby Has Sleep Regression?
Toddler learning to walk
Toddler Milestones
Little boy having a temper tantrum
Helpful Tips to Manage the Terrible Twos
mother playing peek a boo with infant
Why Educational Games for Infants and Toddlers Give Them an Edge
Toddler girl (2-3) sleeping on bed
How You Can Easily Transition Your Toddler to Their New Bedroom
Child's hand writing in notebook
Your Child's Hand Dominance Isn't Something They Choose
father and son playing dress up in living room
Dramatic Play Can Lead to a Development of Many Skills for Your Child
boy playing with blocks
Fine Motor and Communication Skills Are Typical Toddler Benchmarks
Baby boy learning to walk on grass
Why Gross Motor Skills Are a Key Stage of Development
A picture of a child writing her name
5 Fun Ways to Make Handwriting Stress-Free for Your Child
toddler writing
How to Teach Your Toddler to Write
Little boy playing with cardboard box
How Functional Play Allows Children to Entertain Themselves
toddler speech delay
When Your Child's Speech Delay Is a Red Flag
Mother and baby at funeral
How to Prepare Before You Take Your Toddler to a Funeral
toddler hanging on to mother's dress
3 Signs of Stress in Babies and How You Can Help
Young girl playing with fork
How Magical Thinking Affects Toddlers
Toddlers learning to share toys
Collaborative Play Usually Begins When Children Are Toddlers
Toddler Belly Button
Toddlers Can Recognize Their Body Parts With Help From Parents
language delay
How Would You Know If Your Child Has a Delay in Language Development?
Toddler crawls on mats in a gymnasium
How to Keep Toddlers Safe When They Love to Climb
Close-up of a father face to face with his daughter
Causes of Toddler Speech Delays
Why isn't my 20 month old talking yet
Is It Normal for a 20-Month-Old to Speak Very Little?
toddler and baby
Is Your Older Child Jealous of the New Baby?
toddler boy playing with building blocks while mom and sister watch
How Parents Can Encourage Constructive Play in Toddlers
Best Toys for 15-Month-Olds
The 10 Best Toys for 15-Month-Olds of 2022
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Can a Temper Tantrum Be Harmful to My Toddler?
Baby walking up stairs
Your Child Will Need Help When He or She First Starts Walking Up Stairs
Mixed race boy playing with toy on sofa
What to Do When a Toddler Plays With His Penis
Baby walking
How to Teach a Baby to Walk
Toddler brother and sister drawing with colored pencils
How Toddlers Can Gain Tons of Developmental Skills From Art
reading tutoring
The 7 Best Online Reading Tutoring Services of 2022
Learn to Read Apps
The 7 Best Learn to Read Apps of 2022
toddler growing up
Toddler Development
Young girl visiting Vietnam Veterans Memorial
The Best Way for Talking to Children About War Since It's Not Easy
Father and son talking at home while having a snack
How to Talk to Kids About Guns Through the Ages
Talk to your child about the health benefits of not smoking.
Talking Points Can Reduce the Chances Your Child Will Smoke Cigarettes
Explain to your child why you're not going to work.
Saying the Right Things to Your Family When You Lose a Job
Talk to kids about the difference betwen wants and needs.
How to Tell Your Kids No and Teach Them Financial Priorities
Talk to your child about her disability.
How to Talk About Your Child's Disability so They Don't Feel Different
tattooed man helping toddler girl play with blocks
How to Test for Normal Infant and Toddler Development
Mother and baby girl playing at home
How Can the Bayley Scales Test Show If Your Child Is Developing Right?
Mom comforting daughter
13 Reasons Why It’s Time to Stop Avoiding a Convo About Big 3 Issues
Mother and young boy talk on playground equipment
Age-Appropriate Ways to Explain Miscarriage to a Child
Man begging for change
Educating Your Child About Issues Like Hunger and Homelessness