Healthy Sample Meal Plan for Toddlers

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The toddler menu below meets all the requirements of the day. It comes in at 986 calories and all of the grains are whole grains. This comes in just under the 1,000 calories recommended for a toddler who is not very active. Making choices like this leaves a little room for discretionary calories.

You have around 165 calories to work with, so you could choose to add a teaspoon of honey to the morning toast for about 20 calories, sprinkle 1/4 cup cheddar cheese on the broccoli at lunch for 133 calories and add another veggie, like onions, to the stir-fry for 15 calories.

Sample Toddler Menu

If your toddler is active, you can add calories to reach a total of 1,400. In the menu below you could do this by increasing the amounts of milk and grains or by choosing some refined grains instead of whole grains.

Breakfast Calories Running Requirements Tally
1/2 slice whole wheat toast 64 1/2 ounce grains met
1 teaspoon butter 31 1 teaspoon fats met
1/4 cup diced pears 24 1/4 cup fruit met
1/2 cup whole milk 73 1/2 cup milk met
Morning Snack Calories Tally
5 whole wheat crackers 89 1 1/2 ounce grains met
1/4 cup diced peaches 18 1/2 cup fruit met
Lunch Calories Tally
1 slice whole wheat bread 128 2 1/2 ounces grains met
1 slice Swiss cheese 160 1 1/2 cup milk met
1 slice ham 37 1 ounce meat met
1 teaspoon butter 31 2 teaspoons fats met
1/2 cup steamed broccoli 27 1/2 cup vegetables met
Afternoon Snack Calories Tally
1/4 cup ricotta cheese 107 2 cups milk met
1/4 cup crushed pineapple 37 3/4 cup fruit met
Dinner Calories Tally
1/2 cup green peppers and carrots for stir fry 23 1 cup vegetables met
1 ounce chicken breast 31 2 ounces meat met
1/4 cup brown rice 54 3 ounces grains met
1 teaspoon canola oil 40 3 teaspoons fats met
1/4 cup watermelon balls 12 1 cup fruit met
Total 986 All Nutritional Requirements Met
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