Toddler playing with toy blocks

Toddler Health and Safety

How soon can you teach your toddler to swim? What's a proper sleep regimen? How do you remove lice? Get the parenting advice you need to protect your kids.
Boy with cough remedies
The Best At-Home Cough Remedies for Kids
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Green Poop in a Baby: Causes, Other Symptoms, and What to Do
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How to Treat Heat Rash in Babies
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11 Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe at the Beach
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Help Your Toddler Get Better Sleep
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Toddlers Are Drinking More Coffee But Is It Actually Safe?
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Choosing the Best Pillow for Your Toddler
Toddler and mother sleeping in bed
Should You Co-Sleep With Your Toddler?
Sometimes toddlers hit themselves out of frustration.
Here Is Why Toddlers Hit Themselves (and When You Should Be Concerned)
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What Is Dry Drowning?
Dad tickling little boy in bed
Is It Safe or Harmful to Tickle Toddlers?
toddler grinding teeth
What It Means When Toddlers Grind Their Teeth
Toddler sleeping
What to Do About Infant Night Terrors
Mom kissing toddler who is sitting in a swing
What Parents Should Know About Swing Safety
Child's hands kneading modelling clay
What to Do If Your Child Eats Play Dough
toddler in hospital bed covering her mouth
Top Tips for Preparing a Kid for Surgery
Child eating a cheese sandwich
Should You Be Concerned About Toddler Obesity?
Toddler sleeping
Tricks to Getting Your Toddler to Sleep
Father reading to his son at bedtime
How to Make a Bedtime Routine Chart
Thumb-sucking toddler sleeps in crib next to plush toy
Is Your Toddler Getting Enough Sleep?
Child on couch
Could Celiac Disease Cause Behavior Issues in Your Toddler?
Toddler sleeping
Poor Sleep Early in Life Could Cause Problems Later
toddler milk
Signs to Watch for If Your Toddler May Be Lactose Intolerant
Toddler can't sleep
Take Back Your Bed, And Teach Your Toddler to Sleep Alone
A girl washing her hands in a sink
Teach Your Child Healthy Habits as Early as Possible
Baby boy (12-15 months) in cot, mother holding hand, close-up
Tips for Moving Your Toddler From Crib to Bed
Mom holding sleeping child
Tips for Transitioning to a Toddler Bed
Toddler girl yawning
Tips for Parents With a Toddler Who Refuses to Nap
toddler standing and smiling in crib
What to Do When Your Toddler Climbs Out of the Crib
Lovely little baby enjoying breakfast by herself
Is Your Child Ready to Transition From a High Chair to a Booster Seat?
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Is It Safe to Paint Your Toddler's Nails?
Baby in crib sleeping on back
Will My Baby Choke During Sleep If I Put Him on His Back?
Little girl being massaged
What's Causing Your Toddler's Diarrhea—And How to Get Rid of It
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Does Your Toddler Need Additional Multivitamins With Iron?
Mother sleeping with her baby
Checklist for Safe Co-sleeping With Babies and Toddlers
Little boy (1 y) trying to reach pan on stove
Top Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe
Sleeping male toddler with arms up on pillow
Consistent Snoring Can Impact Your Child's Long-Term Health
Mom and toddler boy playing with stuffed animals.
Does Your Toddler Seem to Be Less in Need of a Nap?
Toddler asleep in bed
What To Do About a Toddler Leaving Their Bed at Night
toddler swimming
How Parents Can Teach Their Toddlers to Swim Safely
a little boy in a bathroom
Urinary Tract Infections in Toddlers
When should you move child to booster seat?
Why You Should Keep Your Toddler in a Car Seat
Toddler taking nap
Nap Time: What to Know About Toddlers and Naps