How to Have Great Postpartum Sex

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Most women worry about postpartum sex beginning in pregnancy. Well before your due date ever approaches, you may be wondering just how pregnancy, not to mention a new little one, is going to affect your body, mind, and sex life postpartum. 

The good news is that many women find that they have better sex lives, although different than before, after the birth of a baby. With a few tips in mind, you too can ease back into regaining a healthy sex life postpartum.

After you have had a chance to heal and any discharge of leftover blood and uterine tissue (lochia) has stopped (about 6 weeks after delivery), your doctor will usually give you the green light on having intercourse again. After that time, you can try these ten tips for great sex and intimacy postpartum.

Don't Rush Into Anything

Take your time. Having sex before you are ready (both mentally or physically) is harmful to you and your relationship. If you are still feeling sore, or insecure about your new post-pregnancy body, taking things slowly give you the chance to ease back into the intimacy portion of sex.

Try a Bubble Bath

With a new baby, it can be hard to have the time to shower, let alone take a bath. But setting aside some time while the baby is sleeping to get into a bubble bath with your partner can help you both relax, get clean and get into the mood all at the same time.

Plan for Birth Control If Needed

You can get pregnant again, even if you haven't gotten your period back. Planning for birth control if you're in a heterosexual relationship will help you relax and enjoy having sex again without the worry of getting pregnant again—if that's not what you want yet.

Schedule Partner Time

Try to schedule some time with your partner, even if it's just to cuddle. Having a baby may leave you feeling "touched out," but some special snuggle time with your partner can help revive the intimacy, even before sexual intercourse is allowed or wanted.

Get to Know Each Other a Bit Better

Remember you're both having to adjust your life to being parents, even if it's not your first child. Preparing a list of fun questions to ask of each other during date night may be one way of doing that.

Be Spontaneous

Bedtime might not always be the right time. Nor will the bedroom always be the right place. Add some spice to your sex life and think of new ways and places that you may be able to sneak in a quickie.

Lubrication Is Key

Make sure you and your partner take enough time to get into the mood and that you're feeling moist enough to handle it. If you think you need some more help than what mother nature is providing, be sure to use an over the counter lubricant rather than worry needlessly. If you're still concerned talk to your practitioner.

Remember It's Quality ​Not Quantity

You don't have to have sex every night, not even every week. Figure out what timing is right for your relationship, this should help take some of the pressure off of you both.

Never Hesitate to Say No

Maybe you need the freedom to say no once in a while. Your partner might also need the same freedom. There are also compromises that can be made along the way. Maybe intercourse is out but some good old-fashioned kissing and necking isn't? There are no hard and fast rules, just be prepared to discuss your feelings openly so that you and your partner are on the same page.

Talk About Your Fears of Sexual Intercourse

Maybe you're worried about the repair of an episiotomy or some stitches that you had. Perhaps you're concerned about how your partner feels after watching you give birth, either way, take the time to discuss what is bothering you and ask for what you need in return to help you get past it.

Great sex is sometimes all about great communication. If you feel connected to your partner, chances are that you will let go of any inhibitions and trust that the encounter is going to be fun and easy between the two of you—postpartum or not.

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