Tips for Great Mother and Baby Photography

Outfit and pose ideas for intimate mom and baby portraits

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The importance of mother and baby photography is often overlooked by new parents. While it's certainly nice to have professional family photos taken, there's something special about a shot that features just mommy and baby alone.

Finding a Photographer

Any good family portrait photographer can take mother and baby photos as part of a larger family session.

However, since this is not a standard grouping, it is a good idea to mention your plan when scheduling your appointment. You want to make sure your photographer has enough time to get the shots they need.

The best way to find a family portrait photographer is to ask for recommendations from people in your community.

If you can't find anyone with this approach, you can use an online directory such as to find a photographer in your area.

Set up a time to visit the photographer's studio before scheduling a photo shoot. Use this as an opportunity to look at their portfolio and ask to see some of their mom and baby shots. This meeting will also let you explain what you are looking for in greater detail and lets you decide if they are the right photographer for you.

Choosing Outfits for Photos of Mother and Child

When choosing clothing for a mother and baby photo shoot, keep it simple.

  • Neutral colors such as navy blue, tan, and cream are ideal.
  • Stick to solid-colored clothing or clothing with a minimal pattern to make sure the focus remains on you and your baby instead of your wardrobe.
  • Depending on the look you're going for, you may even want to dress your baby in nothing but their diaper!

You may be interested in matching outfits for your photography session. Look for "Mommy and Me" dresses and shirts at baby specialty boutiques or order custom handmade outfits from Etsy sellers such as Planet Playground.

Ideas for Mother and Baby Photography Poses

There's nothing wrong with a picture of you holding your baby while you are both looking straight at the camera, but this shot doesn't really capture the full extent of the bond between a mother and her child.

If you're looking for a more engaging portrait, consider one of the following posing ideas:

  • Enjoying nature: Outdoor lighting is very flattering, which is why many professional family photos are taken outdoors. Consider a picture of you and your baby looking at the flowers in a garden or playing by a stream at the local park.
  • Nursing: While breastfeeding photos are controversial in some circles, these pictures can be beautiful when tastefully done. If you are a nursing mother, this is certainly an option to consider for your photo session.
  • Playing: A great idea for an informal portrait is to take a picture of you playing with your baby. Photos of mother and child playing peek-a-boo, blowing bubbles, or playing with a ball are all possibilities to consider.
  • Reading to your baby: A mother and child photo featuring you and your baby engrossed in a special book makes for a memorable keepsake. Try to choose a title that has a personal meaning, such as the book your mother read to you when you were a baby.
  • Sleeping: A soothing setting for a portrait is that of a mother and child lying side by side for a nap. Use a favorite teddy bear or a handmade blanket as props if you wish.

Enjoying Your Photos

Like other professional baby photos, the portraits from a mother and baby photography session can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Your photos can be framed for display in your home or added to a scrapbook album. Many photographers also offer personalized items like photo jewelry and keepsake boxes featuring your favorite picture.

Whichever option you choose, your photos are likely to be cherished keepsakes for many years to come.

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