Christmas Caroling Tips and Ideas for Tweens

This old-fashioned holiday activity is still fun for preteens

Make sure your tween is dressed for the weather when Christmas caroling.
Christmas caroling can become an annual tradition for your tween. Jimston Journal, free

Does your tween want to go Christmas caroling this year? It's a great idea, and it's easy to throw together a Christmas caroling party. Below are ideas for a memorable Christmas caroling experience. Have fun!

Christmas Caroling Tips

  • Send out invites to your tween's friends. Advise them to dress for the weather (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.).
  • Let the children pick the songs the want to sing, just make sure they are appropriate for your audience.
  • If you have a lot of tweens caroling, consider dividing up into two groups and meeting up at a central location. 
  • Practice the songs a few time at home before you leave.
  • You can sing songs more than once, since you'll likely be visiting different houses along the way.
  • Make sure every caroler has his or her own caroling booklet of Christmas carols.
  • Establish your route before you leave the house, but be prepared to adjust it as necessary (such as if your carolers get cold, or want to visit a friend they know from school).
  • Bring hand warmers and toe warmers if the weather is super cold.
  • Bring a wagon for all your supplies: Christmas caroling booklets; extra hats and gloves; a thermos full of hot chocolate or cider; insulated cups, etc.
  • Before you leave the house, know how far your group will walk and where you will carol.
  • If you visit a hospital or a nursing home, ask for permission ahead of time to make sure your visit comes at a good time.
  • Sing just a song or two per home.
  • Choose songs that are short, easy to sing, and fun.
  • Take pictures of the Christmas caroling adventure to share with parents and friends.
  • Have homemade cookies, hot chocolate or other goodies waiting for your Christmas carolers when they're finished.

After Caroling

  • Invite your tween's friends to stay for awhile, or turn the event into a sleepover party. Show Christmas movies or bake cookies together to share with your neighbors or friends. Consider an ornament exchange after caroling as a fun way to wrap up the event.
  • Make sure your guests each leave with a goody bag so they can remember their evening together. Include a small booklet of the songs you all sang together, and perhaps, a photo as well. 
  • Consider making your Christmas caroling event an annual tradition. 
  • If you receive any fun comments from your neighbors or other people you visited, be sure you share them with your group. It might inspire them to carol again next year.
  • Relax and take it easy for a day. Christmas caroling (and planning) can be hard work for a parent, you deserve a rest. 
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