Three-Syllable Names for Boys

These meaningful names sound both strong and cool

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When you are considering what to name your baby boy, you might be drawn to the regal sound of three-syllable names. They can be a mouthful to say, but often match well with shorter surnames and provide built-in nicknames (sometimes many of them).

As your child grows, a longer name can give him more options for what he would like to be called. He can decide whether to use the longer name professionally or choose from one of several nickname options.

Three-Syllable Boy Names and Their Nickname Options

A selection from the following list of long boys' names, many with biblical roots, might be just right for your new baby boy:


Meaning "priceless one," Anthony is a perennially popular name with strong roots in Latin and Italian. The common nickname Tony sounds both strong and poetic at the same time. Although this name is widely associated with families of Italian heritage, Anthony has a multicultural appeal, plus a superhero slant (Tony Stark, aka Iron Man). Aside from Tony, an Anthony might even decide to call himself Ant as a fun nickname.


Benjamin is a Hebrew name meaning "son of the south," stemming from the twelfth and youngest son of Jacob in the Old Testament. It has steadily risen in popularity, cracking the top 10 boys' names in the U.S. in 2015 (although it's been a top 40 pick since the 1970s). It's easily shortened to Ben, or Benj, Benji, or Benny.


Another name with tremendous staying power and a biblical backstory, Christopher remains a fine choice for a baby boy's name. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. The nicknames Chris and Topher are diminutives of the full name that are perfect for babies and adults alike.


Elijah is a very old name that's been revived in the past few decades as a pick for baby boys. It's an ancient Hebrew name meaning, "My God is Yahweh." His story is pretty intense, but Elijah does lend itself to the cute nickname Eli.


The name of the angel who announced the birth of Jesus, Gabriel held a spot as a top-25 boys' name from 2011 to 2016. With the accessible nickname Gabe, this name is just quirky enough to be a little unusual, while offering an interesting backstory.


This name was hugely popular in the 1980s and has only recently begun to slide a bit in usage. Another name with biblical roots, Joshua means "the Lord is my salvation." Its most common nickname is Josh, but some Joshuas may be called Jos or Joss.


Meaning "gift of God", Mateo is the Spanish version of Matthew and can also be found in Italian as Matteo. Topping the popularity charts in recent years because of its well-travelled roots, Mateo offers boys the nicknames Matt and Teo.


Nathaniels always have the option of going by Nate, or Nathan. The name makes for a great sibling name to Mateo or Matthew as it is the Hebrew version of "gift of God."


His sister Olivia has been a top three name for several years. Oliver remains a lower-key option for boys, but crept into the top 10 in 2017. Olive trees and branches symbolize peace, as does this name. And is there a cuter nickname for a baby boy than Ollie?


Meaning "name of God" in Hebrew, Samuel is an ancient name enjoying a revival. The nickname, Sam, provides a more mature short version to the name, and there's always Sammy, a very cute alternative.


This formal-sounding name with biblical and Shakespearean credentials has Latin origins and means "revered." It is popular among millennial parents and spawns nicknames such as Seb, Sebby, Baz, and Bastian.


This classic biblical name has been high on the popularity charts since the 1980s. Meaning "remembered by God," it provides your son the option of going by Zack or even simply "Zee" for a cool alphabetical take on a nickname.

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