Top Things to Do Before Your Twins are Born

Checklist for Preparing for Twin Birth

Are you pregnant with twins? As you prepare for the birth of your twins, here is a checklist of things to do to get ready for your babies. Once your twin babies arrive, your time will be devoted to caring for them; so you'll want to take care of these items before they're born. Follow this checklist, and you'll be prepared to welcome twins to your family. 


Childbirth Classes for Moms of Twins. Stockbyte / Getty Images

Are you ready to have these babies? A childbirth class, along with a tour of the hospital or facility where you will deliver, will help prepare you for the big event. However, a traditional class may not meet your needs if you're having twins or more. Luckily there are some alternatives that appropriate for your situation. Many cities offer classes specific to multiples. But don't wait until it is too late. Since many twins, and nearly all triplets and higher order multiples, are born early, you'll want to schedule a class earlier in your pregnancy than if you were having a singleton baby.



6 month old fraternal twins, Ashleynn Grace Vento and Emerson Scott Vento
6 month old fraternal twins, Ashleynn Grace Vento and Emerson Scott Vento. Photo reprinted with permission of Shannon Vento.

Without a good double stroller, you're not going to get very far with baby twins! When you have multiples, a stroller is a crucial piece of equipment. Your mobility depends on it. Without one -- or with the wrong one -- moving babies from place to place can be a logistics nightmare. The right double stroller makes for happy babies and happy parents. There are several things to consider before choosing a double stroller, including stroller style (side-by-side, tandem or jogger-style). Finding the best stroller also depends on how you will use it (indoors or outdoors) and whether you will use it with infant or toddler twins.  



Names from A to Z ... Meet Twins Ashli and Zolli
Names from A to Z ... Meet Ashli and Zolli. Photo reprinted with permission of Zolly Ziglar.

What are you going to call your twins? Choosing names is an important decision; your twins will use those names for the rest of their lives. Not only do you have to pick the perfect name for each child, but you have to consider how the names will sound in combination. It's never too early to start making your selection.



Big sister Briana holds twin brothers, Elijah and Ethan.
Big sister Briana holds twin brothers, Elijah and Ethan. Photo reprinted with permission of Kimberly.

Are your twins joining a family with older siblings? It is going to bring some big changes to their lives. Before they are born, you will need to do some ground work to make a smooth transition. Even before the babies arrive, there may be some changes around the house, especially if there are complications in the pregnancy that result in reduced activity, bed rest, or even hospitalization. Preparing your other children is vital to ensure that everyone's needs are met.


Set Up a Nursery

9 month old fraternal twins, Janelle Aldaz and Jamilett Aldaz.
9 month old fraternal twins, Janelle Aldaz and Jamilett Aldaz. Photo reprinted with permission of Ofelia Ruiz.

Where will your twins sleep? Will they share a room? There are many clever ideas for decorating a nursery for twins, but at a bare minimum, you should invest in at least one crib for the babies. They can share one at first, but eventually, they will each need their own. But don't just shop willy-nilly. There are some things that require you to double up, but other things that they can share. Find out when to buy two and when just one will do. 


Baby shower for twins
A baby shower for twins. Photo by Barry Austin / Getty Images.

One of the easiest ways to get ready for twins is to let others do it for you! A baby shower is a favorite tradition of pregnancy and the celebration is heightened for expectant parents of twins or multiples. A time to come together in anticipation of the babies' arrival, the highlight of the event is the "showering" of gifts and good wishes on the impending parents. Let those who love you lend a hand in stocking up on everything you'll need for the babies.



25 day old twins, Claudia and Cristina
25 day old twins, Claudia and Cristina. Photo reprinted with permission of Mariela Shiera.

Although it can be done, most families find that they need some help after their twin babies are born. For some families, help is a necessity. For others, it's a luxury. Help can come in many forms, from full-time hired childcare to volunteer assistance with chores and meals. It's never too early to consider what kind of help will be most beneficial to your family and begin the process of making arrangements.



12 month old twins, Jessica and Jennifer
12 month old twins, Jessica and Jennifer. Reprinted with permission of Chantal Samaha.

It's the dirty business of having babies. Diapers. And when your twins are born, you will need a lot of them! Think ten to twenty per day. The last thing you need is to run out in the middle of the night when you've got two wailing babies. So now is the time to stock up. Whether you choose cloth or disposable diapers, you'll want to stockpile a stash to have on hand once the babies arrive. Buy a few in different sizes as well, so that when your twins (seemingly) grow six inches overnight, you'll be able to accommodate them. But before you spend a fortune, find out how to save money on diapers



33 weeks pregnant with twins
33 weeks pregnant with twins. Photo reprinted with permission of Gina.

Statistics show that seventy percent of multiples are born before their due date. With triplets, quadruplets and other higher order multiples, the odds are higher, nearly 100 percent. So it is possible that you encounter a brush with preterm labor in your multiple pregnancy. To ensure the optimal outcome for your babies, there are some things you can do to prepare for it. Knowing the signs of preterm labor will equip you to respond quickly and obtain the best care for you and the babies.



Colors by Design

While you can't fill in all the details yet, you can still prepare your baby announcements ahead of time. Select a design and place an order, then finalize the information once the babies arrive. You can even address the envelopes while you're still pregnant and have time on your hands. One of the great things about having twins is that it's a two-for-one deal; you can announce both babies at one time!