The Secret to Savoring Every Moment of Summer

Signing up for a Walmart+ membership is a great place to start

When Memorial Day rolls around, it feels like summer will never end. It’s easy to think you have endless lazy afternoons in front of you, countless opportunities to take the family on outdoor adventures. But September always manages to sneak up sooner than you expect, leaving you to wonder where the time went while you hustle to do your back-to-school shopping. 

Short of moving to a tropical island, there’s no way to squeeze more time out of summer. But there is a handy tool that will help you make the most out of every minute of summer: Walmart+. Through the simple act of signing up for a membership, you’ll be empowered to fit more adventure, more relaxation, and more savings into your family’s summer break. 

So how does something that costs less than a hundred bucks a year manage to do all that? Let’s walk you through how a Walmart+ membership can help unlock your best summer ever. 


More Barbecues. More Brunches. No Mark Ups


What says summer more than inviting friends and family over for some al fresco dining? Whether your idea of the perfect summer meal is a festive brunch or a laid-back barbecue, you can get all the ingredients you need delivered on the same day with a minimum order of $35 no added fee once you’re a Walmart+ member. Restrictions apply.

All that time you would have been navigating a bustling store can now be spent decorating your home, monitoring the grill and chatting with your guests.


More Road Trips. More Adventures. More Memories.

road trip

Some people like to go to the beach during summer. Others prefer camping in the woods or checking out the sights in an unfamiliar city. Some want to experience it all through a series of road trips. If your family falls under that final category, you’re really going to want to sign up for Walmart+. You’ll get up to ten cents off every gallon of gas at over 14,000 fuel stations, allowing you to visit more summer destinations for less. (Fuel discount varies by location & station, subject to change.)

Plus, no matter how far you drive, you can be pretty sure you’ll always be close to an eligible gas station, since Walmart+ members get discounts at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart and Murphy stations. If you can get there by road, you can almost certainly save through Walmart+.


More Relaxation. More Quality Time. More Family Moments.


Okay, here’s a question. Would you rather spend an afternoon sitting in traffic on the way to the store or sitting in your living room watching a movie with your family? In both scenarios, you’ll wind up with all the groceries you need for a week—pay the same for them too. It’s just that in the second scenario, the one in which you’re watching the movie, you don’t actually have to go to the store. You can get them delivered same-day instead.   

That’s one of the most impactful, yet hard-to-quantify, benefits of being a Walmart+ member. It allows you to skip time-consuming chores and spend more time with the people you love, doing what you love. Instead of spending time shopping for groceries, you get to teach your kids how to cook. Instead of scouring shelves for camping equipment, you fast-forward to the part where you’re out in nature. Summer hours are precious. You should spend as few of them running errands as possible.


More Savings. More Money for Next Summer.

save money this summer

There are some benefits to a Walmart+ membership that are much easier to quantify. Here’s one such statistic: Members can save $1300+ each year with free delivery and shipping. Compared against 2 deliveries per a week at non-member $7.95 fee and 2 orders under $35 per a week at non-member $5.99 shipping fee. Restrictions apply.  And that’s just what you save with free shipping and free delivery,

By doing your shopping online, you’ll also have an easier time sticking to a budget, since you’ll be able to see the full price of the grocery run before you check out. You can swap out items, making adjustments to your cart to keep costs down. Plus, it’s easier to avoid impulse purchases when you’re not actually in the store, especially because your kids won’t be able to throw objects into your virtual cart. 

Even though summer eventually has to come to a close, the savings never need to end. You can order all the back-to-school supplies your family needs from Walmart. That will also allow you to savor those last few moments of summer doing something a little more fun than shopping for notebooks and pencils. You can sign up for a Walmart+ membership by starting a 30-day free trial today.