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A classic name enjoying a contemporary revival

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In its simplest form, the name Mia means "mine" or "my beloved," as it does in Italian. But it has roots in Hebrew, as Miriam. and also has Slavic roots in the word "mila" which means "darling." It is a name which has risen in popularity beginning in the 1960s and rose as high as No. 6 in 2014. A classic, feminine-sounding name, Mia has multicultural appeal for parents seeking a simple-sounding name for their baby girl.

Popularity Thanks to Mia Farrow?

Though based on an eternal classic name, Mia might be considered more of a contemporary baby name. The Social Security Administration keeps records of the top 1000 baby names every year which date back to 1880, but Mia did not appear on the charts until 1964. It seems likely that actress Mia Farrow's rising stardom contributed to the rising popularity of the name.

Mia was not a common given name at all during the 20th century. However, something happened with the millennium change, and Mia began becoming a more notable name. In 2000, Mia cracked into the Top 100 Baby Names, by 2002 the Top 50 Names, then in 2009 Mia landed in the top 10 and has remained there since.

Mia's Middle Names

The most popular middle name combinations with Mia are Mia Grace and Mia Rose. Since it has two syllables and ends in an "A," it's probably best paired with middle names that don't start with a vowel A few other options might include Mia Catherine, Mia Claire, and Mia Margaret.

Nicknames for Mia

Mia is such a short name, that it may not lend itself well to a nickname. Mimi might work. It is more likely that Mia may be used as a nickname for other names, such as Amelia, Camilla, Hermia, Maria, Mary, and Miriam.

Sibling Name Suggestions for Mia

Mia is one of those names that goes well with many different types of sibling names. You could consider other names that begin with the letter "M", shorter names, or more contemporary names. A sister for Mia could be Anna, Ava, or Chloe, and good names for a brother would include Matthew, Noah or Michael.

Baby Name Trends

Mia is one of those names that falls into the current popular trend of choosing feminine-sounding names with an "ee-ah" sound at the end, including, Amelia, Leah, Olivia, Sophia, and Victoria.

Famous People Named Mia

The best-known Mia is Mia Farrow, actress and ex-partner of director Woody Allen. She first came into the public eye for her role on the 1960s TV soap opera Peyton Place, and later for her role as Rosemary in the 1968 supernatural thriller Rosemary's Baby. Mia Hamm is a retired professional soccer player, who led the USA women's team to a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Celebrity Babies Named Mia

  • Mia Loren Ziering (2011), daughter of Ian Ziering
  • Mia Honey Threapleton (2000), daughter of Kate Winslet
  • Mia Quinn (1998), daughter of Aidan Quinn and Elizabeth Bracco
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