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Teen Behavior and Emotions

Teen years can be quite formative. Learn parenting strategies to help you establish rules, set limits, address behavior issues, and enforce responsibility.
Dealing with a narcissistic teenage daughter can be a challenge.
15 Ways to Deal With a Narcissistic Teenage Daughter
Talk to your daughter about the dangers of depression.
Why Every Parent Needs to Talk to Their Daughters About Depression
Collecting rent from a teen may be a kind thing to do.
Why Charging Your Teen Rent Might Be the Kindest Thing You Could Do
Why Does My Teen Hate Me?
Your teen could talk to a therapist online.
Is Online Therapy for Teenagers a Good Idea?
16 year old child development milestones
16-Year-Old Child Development Milestones
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Help Prevent Exposure to the Media From Damaging Your Teen's Body Image
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Reasons Your Teenager Is Moody or Grumpy
Upset teenager using her smartphone
Could Your Teen's Mood Swings Be a Sign of a More Serious Problem?
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How to Help Your Teen Cope with the Effects of Divorce
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What Really Causes Youth Violence?
Teen boot camps often have drill sargents that yell at troubled teens.
Is Sending Your Misbehaving Teen to a Boot Camp a Good Idea?
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7 Ways to Deal With Disrespectful Back Talk From Your Teen
Anxious girl laying on sofa
6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Teens Deal With Mood Swings
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Staying Connected During the First Year of College
Teach your teen healthy ways to deal with frustration and anger.
8 Ways to Teach Teens Anger Management Skills
Make sure your teen has the skills she needs to become an independent adult.
5 Ways to Raise an Independent Teen and a Responsible Adult
Girl thinks she is fat
How to Respond When Your Daughter Calls Herself Fat
Shy teen girl looking down at ground
How to Help a Shy Teen Build Self-Confidence
Address teenage drama in a matter-of-fact manner.
How Parents Can Deal Successfully With Teen Drama
Help your teen build healthy self-confidence.
How Parents Can Help Their Teen Build Confidence
Teens experience peer pressure in a variety of different ways.
The 5 Most Common Ways Teens Are Peer Pressured Today
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5 Ways to Discipline Your Teen for a Curfew Violation
Teach Your Teen to Deal with Failure
Ways to Help Your Teen Deal With Failure
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5 Mental Health That Are Common in Teenagers
A sad teen with head down on a desk
How Mental Illness Often Develops in Adolescence
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Goals and Behaviors Parents Can Expect From Their Teenagers
Troubled teen alone in high school hallway
6 Helpful Parenting Tips If There's a Troubled Teen at Home
Mother and teen daughter talking in living room
How to Use Tough Love When Parenting Troubled Teens
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What to Do If Your Child Runs Away
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Steps to Teaching Your Teen How to Make Good Decisions
These warning signs may indicate your teen needs help from a professional.
The Telltale Signs Your Teen Needs Professional Help
Father Talking With Teen
How to Tell If Your Teen Is Lying to You
If your teen says disrespectful things, it's important to intervene.
How to Respond When Your Teen Swears at You or Says Disrespectful Things
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14 Essential Manners Every Teen Should Know
mother and father with their arms around teenage daughter
The Do's and Don'ts of Setting Teen Curfew Rules
Family walking together through field
How to Reward Your Teen for Good Behavior
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These Are the Best Self-help Books for Teenage Girls
Mother and daughter talking seriously
What to Do When Your Teen Is Being Rude
Help your teen get ready for school on time.
How to Deal With a Teen Who Is Late For School Every Morning
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Do You Suffer From FOMO? Find Out How to Cope