Tips for Surviving the First Few Months With Baby Twins

V.S. is a mom of baby twin girls. She compiled this list of tips and products that have made life with twins easier during the first few months. Here is her advice for parents of twins, in her own words. "My girl/girl twins are now two months old. I thought I'd share some of the tips and products that I have come to love in these short two months so far, for the benefit of all of the other expecting moms. First, take as much help as you can, in whatever form you find it. My hubby and I also have an almost 7-year-old and she loves to help with her sisters. We are more exhausted than we have ever been in our lives, but honestly can say we are in love with our family and we are now complete!"

Multiple Bottle Warmers for Twins

When you have baby twins, set up your house to make things as easy as possible. Outfit your house for day and night use, especially if you live in a two-story house. We have our master bath set up upstairs with a bottle warmer and use it for all of the nighttime feedings. We also have a mini fridge upstairs to hold my pumped breastmilk, cold water (it's amazing how thirsty you are after giving birth and while nursing) and formula pitcher. After having a c-section to deliver the twins, I was limited in how often I could go up and down the stairs. Having this set up upstairs made it easier and we have stuck with it for continued ease. (Note: Buy two bottle warmers if you're going to feed your twins at the same time and want both bottles ready to go simultaneously. The few products that do offer a dual warmer are expensive, and you may be better off buying two cheaper single models.)  

Sleeping Station for Baby Twins

Here's another tip for outfitting your home when you have twins. If you have a two-story homes, avoid unnecessary traipsing up and down stairs!  We have a Pack n Play (Buy at downstairs in our family room. This is where the babies take naps during the day and where most of the diapers are changed. (Note: you can also set up multiple stations for diaper changes throughout your home. Find out how by clicking here.)

Diaper Solution for Twins

newborn twins in diapers
Twin Hack: Subscribe and Save for Home Delivery of Diapers. Julie Fairman / E+ / Getty Images

When you have twins, you don't want to get caught short on diapers! (It's one of the biggest mistakes made by new parents of twins.) Forget about running out to buy diapers and order online. Use's subscribe-and-save service for diapers and wipes. It is super convenient and priced just as good (if not better) as discount stores like Target or Walmart. 

Dual Diaper Bags for Twin Families

Here's a tip for getting out and about with your twins. Have more than one diaper bag. We keep a spare in the car with our extra clothes, spare diapers and wipes, burp cloths and blankets in it. We found the standard diaper bag holds enough for two but not for all the extra changes you might need while out and about. 

Get Rolling with the Right Double Stroller

The right double stroller is a must for baby twins. For infants, check out the Joovy TwinRoo+ double stroller (Buy at We have this one and love it! It holds two infant carrier car seats mounted side by side. It works with most major brands of car seats, but you have to buy a set adapters specific to your brand, sold separately. If you're in a restaurant, you can roll it right up to the table. You don't have to ask for two slings/upside down high chairs.

Sleeping Twins Hack

 You don't always need two of everything for twins. But do yourself a favor and invest in two Fisher-Price Rock 'n' Plays! (Buy at These baby seats are perfect for sleeping and playing, with a motorized rocking motion. Make sure to get the ones WITH the six hours of auto rocking. Ours were already over a month old when we discovered this product; with it, my girls immediately started sleeping around six hours at one time! That first morning after purchasing these seats was the most refreshed I had felt in months!

Twin Swings

Swings are another baby item that you may wonder about. Should you buy two for twins? Or will one do? We actually have three! Two of these portable swings and a Fisher-Price swing from my first daughter. We use all three daily! If space and budget are a concern, these travel swings are a great option. It folds flat so it doesn't take up as much room as a full-size swing. We take them with us to our parents' houses when we go visit.

Twin Z Pillow

If you have twins, the Twin Z pillow (Buy at is worth the money. We are just starting to use ours more and we love it. This six-in-one pillow was designed by a fellow mom of twins and is perfect for feeding both babies (whether nursing or bottle feeding), and can also be used for tummy time. Here's another little secret for parents of twins: It also makes it easier to take cute pics of them together!

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