Summer Activities for Bored Kids

These screen-free summer activities can cure the "I'm bored" blues.

Girl kicking kickball in game
Yello Dog Productions / Getty Images

I bet you've seen the viral photo that makes the rounds each May and June: This list of summer activities that a parent developed to respond to any complaints of boredom. It goes like this (note the first letter of each line):

Have you:

Been creative?
Outside play?
Read a book?
Exercised 20 minutes?
Done something helpful?

In other words, no telling Mom you're bored until you've checked off all five of those activities.

If your kids need help figuring out what to do for each line item, inspire them with these ideas for each category.

B Is for Been Creative

B is also for break out those coloring books, craft kits, and rubber-band looms! To help add physical activity to arts and crafts, try these creative projects that incorporate large-motor skills:

O Is for Outside Play

Options for outdoor play are almost endless, and almost always active and energetic. These suggestions should get kids started.

R Is for Read a Book

Do you have a reluctant reader? If your child is an athlete who balks at reading, tempt her with these sports-themed titles.

E Is for Exercise

The list suggests 20 minutes, but more is even better (kids should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical exercise every day). Any kind of active play that gets muscles moving can count, but if your child wants to do a specific exercise routine, try the below.

Or send him out for a brisk walk or bike ride.

D Is for Done Something Helpful

When I was a kid, my reward for saying the B-word ("bored") was usually a chore. Having kids help around the house, or neighborhood, is always a good use of time and energy!

If your child has done all of the above and is still begging for some screen time, I say let him have it. A little television could still inspire active play!